hooked claws

by iona k borah
(india,delh,new delhi(south delhi))

my cockatiel is of 1 month and his claws are like hooks.
his claws are very abnormal,he cant walk properly
so is there any home treatment?
i tried to trim his legs but blood started coming out.
i dont know if its a non emergency qs.but my parents told me relax and wait for the answer.
Thank you for reading my issue and for spending your valuable time for me.

Iona K. Borah

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Dec 12, 2011
Cockatiel nails
by: Anonymous

i Sure hope you didnt try cutting his legs! And hope you meant the nails! If you are unexperienced in trimming nails it is likely yes, you will make them bleed. This is rather painful to the bird as well when you hit the blood supply. I suggest you take your bird to an avian vet because if this goes untreated, your bird will remain in pain and could develop painful arthritis or get hung up on a toy or something and can get hurt. Nails and wings need to be maintained with regular grooming provided by your avian vet

Dec 12, 2011
Bird with long nails
by: Tracie

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird and trim it's nails if necessary. If you cut the nails too far back, then they will bleed and this hurts the bird too. Your bird can bleed to death, if you can not stop the bleeding and sometimes birds get injured by the person trying to hold them still while trying to stop the bleeding.

If the nail have been allowed to grow too long, then they have to be trimmed a little at a time. The vet will trim them back to where they won't bleed, but they will still be too long. A couple of months later you can return and the nails can be trimmed again.

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