housebroken macaw

by Rahel
(Ann Arbor Area MI)

Hi there

We will pick up our b&g baby macaw next week from the breader.

I know, there is ways to make a macaw housebroken, they learn to go on a certain place or back to the cage or they even can tell you when they have to go to the restroom.

Can you give us helpful advice on how to teach our baby to be housbroken?

Thank you very much!
Best regards, Rahel

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Aug 29, 2008
by: Lewis

I would recommend go getting a book on Macaws. It will definitely have a chapter on how to train the bird to go to the bathroom on command. Also everything takes patience it will not happen over night. You are bringing a baby into the house and just like a human child it will take time for the bird to mature and do the things you want. Do not force the bird to do anything it does not want. Always remember positive reinforcement. Never punish a Parrot they do not understand punishment. Good luck with you new baby.


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