housing two green cheek conures in the same cage

by Janice

I am purchasing two conjures from the same hatching. One is a yellow sided green cheek and the other is cinnamon. I have purchased a large enough cage. Can I house them together? What would I need to do in order to keep them in the same cage? Is it ok to try it and then separate if necessary?

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May 10, 2012
Two new birds share a cage?
by: Tracie

If they are already sharing a cage, then it will be fine. Make sure they are both the same gender, so you don't end up with babies, a lot of vet bills, feeding babies night and day because the parents decide not to feed them etc.

If these birds are not already together, then you need to keep them in separate cages until THEY decide they want to live together. You can't wait to see, because what if they immediately run at each other and one or both get injured? Then you will have vet bills and possibly a dead bird.

If they don't like each other at first, please read our "Should I get another green cheek conure story" to see how we got our two green cheeks to get along and eventually move in together. It is on our Parrot Training page along with other helpful articles about nutrition and training.

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