housing two green cheek conures in the same cage

by Janice

I am purchasing two conjures from the same hatching. One is a yellow sided green cheek and the other is cinnamon. I have purchased a large enough cage. Can I house them together? What would I need to do in order to keep them in the same cage? Is it ok to try it and then separate if necessary?

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Mar 07, 2018
GCCs sharing cage
by: Anonymous

A year and a half ago, we brought home our first bird. A regular GCC, that we named West. About 4-6 months later, our friends also brought home a CGG they named Kiwi (although we think Mango would've made a more visually accurate name). We brought West over to visit Kiwi every month or two until recently, when our friends who run a home daycare had to rehome Kiwi.

Kiwi had a bit of a bad rep for drawing blood (long story)... but as we know, birds don't just bite for no reason, so we decided to adopt Kiwi. He had never been to a vet, so we arranged an appointment for him to have a check-up, nail trim and partial wing clipping.

When Kiwi arrived at our home, we brought his cage into the room where West's cage has been but we kept it on the other side of the room. I was worried about West being territorial about his cage, so we would bring West over to Kiwi's cage to sit on the top of it with Kiwi (supervised) and that went very well. West would even go into Kiwi's cage and Kiwi could care less. It did seem like Kiwi was more interested in West than West was in Kiwi but maybe that's due to being in a new place more than anything. The only thing that seemed to irritate West was this thing Kiwi seemed to have with West's foot. lol. He snuggle up beside West. Stick out his foot and then when West wouldn't do anything, Kiwi would bend down and nibble at West's foot. West would then walk away from Kiwi and Kiwi would follow West lol.

In order to help with Kiwi's razor sharp beak, we brought in a good size "Conure safe" tree branch and mounted on the top of the cage. It was kind of funny to see how scared Kiwi was of a tree branch at first. Whereas West was right up it and chewing up all the buds. Before long, Kiwi would clumsily climb the branches and started eating the buds too. When all the buds where gone, he stared chewing the branches and before long his beak wasn't as sharp. It also took some time to teach the young bird not to bite hard. Still pecks here and there but its so much better now.

After a few days of things going very well between the two, we moved Kiwi's cage over to the same side of the room as West's cage but still apart. That went very well and before long the cages were side by side and we even used a branch as a bridge, since Kiwi seemed to struggle a bit with committing to a jump across (not being used to having his wings clipped). We left things that way for at least a few weeks but we were finding they were in and out of each others cages all day, without any incidences. Not once did West ever seem to care that Kiwi was eating out of his/her dish, etc.

After about a month, we removed Kiwi's cage from the room and they've been sharing West's cage ever since. They get along great! They used to "beak" each other quite a lot. Where one would chomp down on the top beak of the other and kind of vibrate his head. Can't really say one did it to the other more. They seem to like it and they both like when I grab their beak with my index knuckle and my thumb and rub their beak in that kind of way.

The one thing I can't believe I totally didn't think of was if their the same sex or not! We were told that Kiwi is male but I think that was just the breeders educated guess. We have no idea if West is male or female. The Vet always refers to West as "he" but I'm not sure if that's because we say "he"...

From time to time they do squawk when they don't like what the other is doing. I think a lot of that is Kiwi being a bit younger, still wants to play and West isn't always in the mood for that. That said, neither of them are 2 yet and I hear things can change then. They do still love alone time with us and don't mind being separated but there are times when they are snuggling and don't want us to pick them up.

I think the biggest thing we've noticed is the noise level. West was always a pretty quiet bird. When he/she hears someone walking in the house, West will make a lil "hi" sound. Kiwi on the other hand will make a very loud "hi" sound. Kiwi is much more vocal; can say "Hi Kiwi", "Step Up" and what we were told is "Jackie" (our friends' daughter), although we're hearing less and less of that. West on the other hand and very quietly whisper "West". We've noticed West get louder and louder since Kiwi moved in. That said, I "think" Kiwi has gotten a bit quieter?

May 10, 2012
Two new birds share a cage?
by: Tracie

If they are already sharing a cage, then it will be fine. Make sure they are both the same gender, so you don't end up with babies, a lot of vet bills, feeding babies night and day because the parents decide not to feed them etc.

If these birds are not already together, then you need to keep them in separate cages until THEY decide they want to live together. You can't wait to see, because what if they immediately run at each other and one or both get injured? Then you will have vet bills and possibly a dead bird.

If they don't like each other at first, please read our "Should I get another green cheek conure story" to see how we got our two green cheeks to get along and eventually move in together. It is on our Parrot Training page along with other helpful articles about nutrition and training.

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