How big does a blue and gold macaws cage have have to be.

by Connor
(Cairns, QLD, Aus)

I'm getting a tamed baby macaw and i don't know how big his cage should be. I will take him out and let him walk around the house and do they need much toys as my alexandrine parrot chews up alot of his toys. and Linda the vet said that my alexandrine parrot was fine but he still squaks. so i think I'm getting a female for him.

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Apr 20, 2014
Do not get another alexandrine
by: Avian Vet and Dog trainer

Do not get another parrot as you will be encouraging him to bond with the newbie and not bond with you.For the squacking get to your nearest Avian Vet because your bird might be hurt.If your bird has rough hair near the neck than it is trying to tell you that it is hurt.Do not get another bird,get a dog instead if u can cause they will not only be a friend to the bird but will also be another companion for u

Mar 08, 2012
by: Connor

Ok thanks.
Is this sight Australian.
I won't get the training video as this sight is not from AUS.

Editor's note: This site is in the US, and I have have free training articles on the Parrot Training page you can read. The "videos" are from another site and are sold throughout the world.

Mar 07, 2012
Alexandrine screaming all the time
by: Tracie

For the Alexandrine, first Find an Avian Vet to make sure your bird is not sick or hurting inside and is just trying to communicate this to you.

If this is a behavioral issue, then please read our bird training articles on our Parrot Training page for help with training your bird and developing a better relationship.

Mar 07, 2012
by: Connor

Thanks Tracie.
So what should i do for alexandrine.
He squaks all day.

Mar 06, 2012
Cage size for blue and gold macaws
by: Tracie

The Blue and Gold Macaw cage needs to be as large as you can afford and have room for. The bird needs plenty of room for moving around and flapping it's wings but still have room for toys to chew and destroy to keep it busy. I would not put the bird in a cage smaller than the 36x28 cage.

I suggest a play top cage so that the bird can go in and out of it's cage when you are home. It expands their living space and keeps them happy.

I would NOT purchase a female alexandrine for your male alexandrine parrot. All you will do is encourage breeding and encourage the bird to bond with the other bird and possibly not want to be with you.

If you are not a breeder, you will suddenly be stuck with high vet bills, possibly feeding baby birds 24/7 etc. and will be forced to suddenly get educated on good breeding practices.

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