how big does a blue parakeet get?

i want to get a parakeet for my birthday and i dont know how big he/she will get. i wanted a blue parakeet how big /tall do they get?

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Jun 28, 2011
by: yasmine

hello my name is Yasmine i love parakeets i have to and one is blue one is green and the blue one is Sweety the green one is Suger Sweety likes to bite my thumb nail it tickles a lot i love my two birds named sweety andsuger love peace joy hope

May 15, 2011
Size of a blue parakeet
by: Tracie

You didn't mention what kind of parakeet, but I think you probably mean a budgie parakeet? The size you see them at pet stores, is pretty much the size they will stay. They may fatten up a little if they are very young, but they won't grow that much.

You can read more about these birds on our Budgie Page and if you want to learn about other species please look at our Parrot Profiles Page where you can click on links to read about other species.

May 14, 2011
how big does a blue parakeet get?
by: Linda

I'm glad you have written in BEFORE getting a bird because there is much you need to know and learn. First, find a good book about the Budgies on this site or at some other pet shop so you can begin to understand the responsibility of taking care of a bird. They have to eat the right foods, have a large enough cage that is safe, safe natural branch perches and toys appropriate for their size. You also need to find an Avian(bird) Vet in your area BEFORE buying a bird because all those in pet stores and most from breeders are already sick and will need to be examined, diagnosed and treated during the first few days you have them. Birds do not get over infections, they get worse and die. Avian Vets are the ONLY vets trained in the correct care of birds, so make sure you find one.

Do a lot of study before getting your bird because it is important to know what things are dangerous for birds and what are not. Lots to learn as you want to give your bird the best home it could ever ask for, and so it is up to you to do all the work.

Below are links to articles about feeding the Budgies, and another couple of species are also included which you won't need to worry about. The organic pellets and seed mixes are carried here as well as perches, travel cages, cages, books, toys and treats for your bird. Prices are great and shipping is quick plus all food stuff is guaranteed fresh and wholesome.

Budgie,Lory and Eclectus diet suggestions

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Enjoy your learning experience before getting your bird and then you'll know exactly what you will need to do for him/her.

Thanks for writing,

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