How can I freshen Simon's room?

by Sarah

Okay, I will admit it. My bird stinks a little.

I was wondering if anyone had ideas for trying to freshen up the room in addition to cleaning his cage (and the room) regularly. He has a bath about 3 times a week.

I know it's not good to use aerosols and scented candles, and I didn't know if there were other alternatives.

Any ideas, or should I just continue to clean the room often?

Thanks so much!

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May 08, 2010
Lemond and vanilla
by: Belinda

Hi there, I wipe down surfaces with Lemon juice/water mix and it helps you would need to do this daily I guess, I have been told for a short term solution to pop some vanilla essence in the oven and turn it on, but this would be a daily thing, and expensive on electric I guess. Please correct me if this is not good for birds, but I was told vanilla essence was OK for them (like baking cake smell mmmm cake I am feeling hungry now...) my flat will go back to smelling of stale cooking smells, not parrot smells, my boy smells fine and his cage is changed daily so smells good and full washout once every 2 weeks, he is not the problem it is the cooking smells I suffer with and the lemon and vanilla is a good coverup for winter when I hate to open windows, I wish i could find a neitralising smell to take the bad smells away rather than covering them up. Oh well joys of owning a parrot, Just one question I had was that i wear perfume and hairspary, but they are sprayed far away from my parrot and he is not allowed in that area till the smell has settled and gone away is this OK? thank you and i hope i was of some help to you

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Nov 04, 2009
Stinky Bird?
by: Anonymous

I use a multi-layer removable non-toxic cage liner that can be changed easily between deep cage cleaning (for example newspaper). I prefer using bird cage litter that won't give off a bad smell - don't use the corn stuff or litter that is not designed for birds. I have not had luck with paper shredded litter my birds see it as a play toy and pull it all over the place and it is not always clean. Walnut shell is the least stinky option underneath the newspaper or you can use something like bird seed (yep use bird seed as litter, cheap to change often - this layer is covered by newspaper under bottom rack and I line top of rack by one more peal-able layer so the birds won't be eating the seed). That's three layers for me to go through before deep cleaning - takes five minutes before work.

Make sure your house and bird environment is the exact right temperature. If too warm birds might go through excess molting and have excess dander.

Vacuum around the cage at minimal at least once a week and change out household air filter/furnace filters often. Birds produce a lot of dander (even the small ones!) that can cause an over-all bird funk smell in your house. Change out toys often they can harbor smelly bacteria and funk.

Make sure your bird is on a good diet - they smell less when consuming organic Harrison's and poop less when they are given the right amount of food and right type.

My last suggestion - give birds a bath often! My birds actually get a shower at minimum once a week. That's the secret. Nobody can tell that birds live in the house by smell alone and I have three.

Hope this helps!

Jun 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments, especially from Linda, that was a lot of great information. I will consider all possibilities.

Jun 02, 2009
air freshener
by: Lori

I use a medical grade air cleaner. It also helps with the dust from my grey and cockatiel. Make sure its a bird safe air cleaner.

Jun 02, 2009
air freshener
by: Lynn

I take cinnamon sticks or lemon or orange peels and put them in a popourie(sp?) pot or and plug it in but you have to watch it carefully so it doesn't burn dry. It is natural and doesn't harm my parrots. Makes the whole house smell good.

Jun 02, 2009
Stale Bird Room
by: Linda

Hi and yours is a very good question. I think Traci has some of the safe cleaning products out here, and the idea about just opening the window in the cool of the morning is also a wonderful one. As you already know, it is not safe to use any aerosols or any "air fresheners" at all around birds. None of the plug ins, none of the pump sprays, candles or incense. Any of these can and do kill birds as do any perfumes, finger nail polish or remover, hairsprays or even Pam sprayed on cooking pans. We take our pans outside to put Pam on them since it is an aerosol can. The only other caution is "dryer sheets" of the heavily perfumed variety. Use the non-scented ones if you use them as the perfumes become embedded into clothes and will make parrots sick if around it too much. LOTS OF RULES AND ALL OF THEM ARE WORTH IT AS OUR BIRDS ARE PRICELESS!

Actually, it is good to have birds and practice all these safety features because it makes us aware of how many chemicals we may have been using before birds came to live in our homes and how many we can do without. I'm amazed, when I visit some people, how many chemicals they have going at once in their homes, and they don't even realize how all these chemicals are affecting them on a daily/yearly basis. A nice smelling home comes from keeping it clean, and so what if it smells a little like birdy or doggy once in a while inbetween.


Jun 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

I use Poop Off to clean my cages. I think it leaves a nice clean smell, and is totally safe for the fids. My bird room gets a little funky smelling at times. The best thing is to open the windows on a nice day and get some fresh air circulating in there. It gets so stale sometimes.

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