how can i get my parrot to let me make contact with him/her?

by kathy kelleher

How can i get my parrot to let me make contact with it. How do i gain the parrot's trust?

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Jun 19, 2012
parrot contact and trust.
by: Anonymous

We havent had the parrot very long at all, we got him/her saturday from a pet shop. If we put our hand in the cage he/she will just go to the other end of the cage and avoid us. We talk to the parrot all the time. The parrot is only 9weeks old. is there any advice you would give me to try and get the parrot to trust us and no that we wont hurt him?

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Jun 18, 2012
Parrot contact and trust
by: Anonymous

You didn't say how long you have had the bird or it's approximate age. If you just got it, the bird is scared of you and it's new home. It takes them a while to acclimate to their new owners and surroundings. Try to establish a daily routine to get the bird used to you. Talk to it as much as you can. They are also very territorial and protective of their cage. My birds' routine is the same every day: he chirps good morning, I uncover him and let him out. I pet him, sing a good morning song, kiss his beak and put him on top of the cage. I change the water, clean the food cups and clean the cage. All the while I am doing this, I talk to him and tell him what I'm doing. He gets treat seeds and veggie for lunch, plays on his gym all afternoon and lets me know when it's time for bed. I dim the lights, half cover the cage, pet his belly and we chirp quietly together, I say good night and cover the cage all the way. The next morning it starts all over again. Sometimes when I'm not home to put him to bed on time, he gets a little cranky because the routine has changed. My husband says I have spoiled the bird, but he's such a smart, well behaved birdie I wouldn't have done it any other way.

Jun 18, 2012
Getting parrot to accept you
by: Tracie

It takes time and patience, that is for sure. If your bird is an older bird, it may take even longer.

The most important thing is to NOT rush the bird and not to react if you get bit by the bird. Try to just stay calm and tell the bird "nooooo" in a low calm voice as you place the bird back on it's perch.

We have some helpful training articles on our Parrot Training page that you can read for more detailed help.

Spend time with the bird just sitting next to the cage doing things like reading or eating. Look up and sweetly talk to the bird some, but mainly let the bird get used to the idea that you stay close and never hurt it etc.

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