How can I stop my parrot from his bad habbit?

by Maria

please can you help me ..
my parrot seems to take every plastic container he spots, he seems to bite all of us if we touch it.

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Aug 26, 2011
How can I stop my parrot from his bad habbit?
by: Linda

You can stop him from grabbing plastic containers by keeping him away from them. Do not allow your parrot to run wild all over the house because it is not safe for him to do so. There are many things besides plastic that will poison him, and plastic will not only poison him but will also become impacted either in the crop, stomach or intestines requiring surgery if he lives that long. Chances are, he won't live that long. So protect him from himself and keep him away from dangerous items by keeping him in his cage when cooking or other possible dangerous activities are going on.

Make sure your bird has plenty of safe wood chew toys as all parrots love to chew on wood, and it helps to keep their beaks honed down some. You can find these toys online or in most pet stores that carry bird products. Make sure toys are the correct size for your size bird as parrots will swallow toy pieces off of toys too small for them. Most toys come in small, medium, large and xlarge sizes, so make sure yours is the correct size. Forget all about the bells, shiny plastic and other crap toys for birds. Get only wooden ones made from safe wood, so he can enjoy chewing on the wood.

As for biting, I think you will find when you provide your bird proper toys in his cage, he will be less apt to bite you. You've allowed him to become too wild and too spoiled, so he thinks he runs you and your entire home. Also provide safe wood natural branch perches so his feet and legs are comfortable. If you have him sitting on the wood dowel rods that come with cages, throw them out and get him something that is comfortable and safe. Most of the premade branch perches come with hardware already installed.

You are the human caretakers, and you need to start making his life safe instead of allowing him to make decisions for you. Parrots have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children, so he will do anything he is allowed to do and things will only get worse until he kills himself on something unsafe that you have let him have. Do you want him to live or die a miserable and painful death because you have not set any limits or given him any direction? This is totally a YOU problem, not one with your bird.

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