How can I tell how old my Pacific Parrotlet is?

by Colleen
(Culver City, CA)

I recently purchased a Pacific Parrotlet from a breeder who told me that he was 2 months old. I am starting to wonder if that is true though because he is already talking. Also, his feet are dark. A friend of mine has one that is 5 months old and he can only say one word (hello) and it is hard to understand, mine is quite clear and knows 8-10 words. Also, my bird is a bit aggressive--he can be a challenge to get out of his cage at times but is making progress every day! I would love any feedback and/or training tips even if you can't tell me how to determine his age.

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Jan 12, 2011
Age of parrotlet
by: Tracie

It does sound like you got an older bird, but there is no way by looking at the bird you can tell the age. If the bird has a band, and the breeder registered it, then it is possible if the breeder gave the correct information.

If you need help with training, you can look at some of the articles on our Parrot Training page. You have a beautiful bird and how exciting that it says so many words!

Please consider posting your pictures and information about what it is like to live with your bird on our Submit Parrot Stories page.

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