How do I gain a Lovebird's trust?

by Dan

How can I get my Lovebird to trust me and stop running away from me?

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Jan 26, 2009
Gaining Lovebird's trust
by: Tracie

Patience is the key. Focus on earning the bird's trust before trying to get the bird to sit on your hand.

I suggest you sit by the cage and read or something like that. Then once in a while look up and talk to the bird in gentle tones.

When you notice the bird is comfortable with you being next to the cage, start offering treats through the cage bars. The bird may be scared of the treats for the first few days.

Once the bird comes for the treats, you can start opening the cage door and putting the treat on your open hand. It might take a week or so, but hopefully eventually the bird will land on your hand.

Once the bird lands on your hand, you can slowly work with the bird to accept your moving your hand out the door.

This is my method, there are many other methods out there. You can also read the articles on our Parrot Training page.

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