How do I get quaker to eat Fruits and veggies?

by Sandy

I got my Quaker 2 weeks ago and all he will eat is the sun flower seeds out of the mix the breeder gave me..I offer him fresh fruits and veggies daily and I sprinkle the sun flower seeds(teaspoon) over the food is this the right way?

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May 04, 2009
Quakers diet.
by: Mary Ann

When I got my quakers one was being fed sunflower seeds and canary seed mix. My vet said its a wonder she made it eating this for 3 years. That is a very poor diet for a quaker. I switched to nutri-berries for a while, which is still too much seed, but better than sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds have way too much fat and can do liver damage if fed too much. Any all seed diet is not good for quakers.
I bought a couple small bags of pellets and gradually increased the pellets and decreased the Nutri-berries. I also started by hand feeding apples. Then added other fruits, and worked into veggies. It took months. Keep offering and eventually they will get the idea.
I found that in the beginning that cooked was accepted better than raw, and minced in the food chopper was accepted better than big pieces.
Now, 6 months down the road, here is a typical days intake.They each get 4 nutriberries every AM with some zupreems fruit flavored pellets and roudybush all natural pellets. They usuallt eat veggies for breakfast. Today they had some sweet potato (cooked well) and peas, carrots and corn and green & orange peppers. At lunch time, they pick at a piece of parrot bread or a couple Gerber Graduates sweet potato toddler treats. All natural, no salt or sugar added. They love 'em. And very inexpensive. Then at supper, another round of pellets and a maybe a very few seeds plus fruit or whatever I am eating for supper. They love pasta, chicken, eggs with the shells added in. All cooked well.
There is a great toxic / non toxic list of foods on here.
It was a long road to get mine where they are today, but so much better for them.
For parrot bread, start with corn meal mix, add every veggie you can think of thats non-toxic. I put a lot of broccoli, peppers, corn, anything really. No oil or milk, add water or applesauce for moisture. Add a couple eggs, shells included as they need the calcium. Bake well, longer than it saysd on the box, its heavier than standard directions and you want the eggs cooked well. Cut into bitesized squares and freeze what you have, thaw a piece when you need it.
It will seem like you are making no progeress and all of a sudden your birde will be eating fresh like a pro.Try corn for a first veggie, its very sweet and they usually love it the best.
Any further questions please post here and I will do my best to help. Tracie who posts on here has some great ideas too.

May 04, 2009
Nutritious Food
by: Anonymous

Hello and congrats on your new bird. Quakers come from a part of the world where they can't find much wet fruit. Birds whose faces are completely covered with feathers are birds who normally won't eat wet fruit like oranges and such.

This would be a great time to get him converted to a pelleted diet which already has everything in it he needs, and then he may take some dark green, yellow or orange veggies like Kale, Spinich, Dark Green Lettuce, Squash and Sweet Potato. I recommend Harrisons Pelleted diet for his size as all ingredients are organic and they use a cold extrusion method to make the pellets so less vitamins and minerals are lost. They also have a wonderful Birdy Bread mix made with all organic ingredients to which you can add their organic Red Palm Oil, all of these items are sold on this site. If he likes the bread, he will be more likely to take the pellets. A changeover from seeds takes a while, so do not be in too big of a hurry. What you do is put a very thin layer of sunflower seeds on bottom and pellets on top according to package directions for your size bird. Also try offering baked sweet potato. When I changed my Amazons over, I bought some organic apple juice and used a few drops of it on the pellets, and they loved it, so you may also try that. Just make sure any apple juice you use is natural/organic as you will not need much.

Good luck with your new "kid".

May 04, 2009
fruits and veggies
by: Anonymous

do not give up. parrots by nature are curious creatures. keep offering the fresh fruits and veggies and he should eventually try them out. you might try to offer them to him by hand. let him see you nibble on them and he will be more apt to try them. good luck.

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