How do I introduce my new conure to my family

by Joelle

Hi everyone. I currently have a sun conure called Fiesty. He is a year and a half. I am considering getting another conure(yellow sided). Will my Sun conure adapt to another conure?

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Mar 27, 2009
Introducing a new bird to Sun Conure
by: Tracie

It is best to allow the birds to be out together in a neutral area so that neither bird feels the other is invading it's territory. You need to very closely supervise them.

Some birds get along right away, some take days or weeks to get along and some never choose to get along.

When we introduced a new GC Conure to our other GC, they ran at each other for days with open beaks. We would put the bird that started it back in the cage and give a treat to the other bird. We made sure the bird that tried to start the fight saw us give the other bird a treat.

Eventually they decided to just ignore each other on the play stand and then one day they started preening each other. Eventually they became cage mates. One bird stayed the dominate bird and would be a little ugly to the other one, but they got along and bonded.

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