How do I know if their in love?

by Stephania

As i wrote earlier on this website, when i wrote about how I forced my birds inside the nesting box, which now i realized was a mistake. and have also noticed that she doesnt do that anymore just that when she notices that no one is in the room she quickly crawls out of the nestng box . I thinks its because se doesnt feel comfortably with him or doesnt like being in the box or just something else.

I've decided to ask this, my birds when left alone preen or peck at eachother feather kind of like grooming eathother , they never feed eachother but sometimes they cuddle up sometimes my female or male cockatiel gets mad and opens his mouth like about to bite the other bird but never actually bites the other bird. they dont really like to be apart and will start to screech when apart like in different rooms my male and female usually follow each other. Does this mean something like they feel something for each other.

They've been together for alomst 2 years now and less then 2 days ago i got them a nesting box by any of the details above might they mate?might they even go in the nesting box by free will? in about how long will they get into the box? if they ever get inside the box by free will, might they mate and lay eggs and keep trying to see if they can hatch babies? also about a year and a hlaf ago my friends aunt [ who personally ownes 5 cockatiels] told me that it may take a few times of practice for the female to actually have the eggs hatch since shes never actually been a mother, i think this information is true , if so , will it take more then a year for my birds to put down eggs and have them hatch?

found this website yesterday and found that its pretty cool. I just wanna be sure that the person answering these questions is REALLY a professional bird breeder trainer or veternanarian?

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Jul 10, 2009
Teil problems
by: coool

we have 2 teils and they preen each other and breed and sit on eggs but they never hatch. any tips???
thet have breed 3 times in 2 years. with appropriate non-breeding intervals.
Any tips and/or comments will be appreciated.

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Jul 08, 2009
by: Linda

Hi again. I'm one of the people who responded to your questions earlier. I have been taming, training, breeding, handfeeding and training baby birds and adults for half my life. I'm not a vet, and I do have much practical experience with breeding the Cockatiels. No, I do not have ALL the answers, no one has all the answers as we are all learning something new every day about parrots and how best to keep them. The parrots are a constant commitment of energy and time as the learning goes on and on forever.

One thing I forgot to mention last time was do you have a ladder going down from the nest box opening on down into the box? We always had to put in a ladder like thing so hen could get in and out of box easily. We used a piece of hardware cloth(sand down sharp ends smooth), but a wooden or metal ladder would also work if it is anchored to the area right inside the box a little below the hold opening(use screws to anchor either the hardware cloth or ladder). The male usually does not go into the box, so we're just talking about the female. It is also normal for the birds to "fuss" a little with each other. If ever you see them draw blood, then they need to be separated. Sounds like they are a bonded pair, so that is part of the puzzle solved.

As for how long for this and that, it just takes them as long as it takes. If the female is over two years old, then she is physically ready to breed. If she is younger than that, she is not. It will take them some time to get used to the new nestbox as it does for them to get used to any new things in their cage. Hopefully, box part is outside their cage so you can check on eggs and babies when she lays. Any broken eggs need to be removed immediately because if they eat the fluid in egg, it will kill them. It is called albumin poisoning.

Time will tell what they are going to do. Some birds do not know how to do this thing called lay eggs and feed babies. Some breeders take babies immediately from mother, and handfeed them.Others use incubators, and the birds never see or know their mothers. In these cases, the birds don't know how to raise a family as they are imprinted on humans and have never been with their mothers long enough to learn what they need to know to raise successful nests of babies. Sometimes these birds will lay eggs, hatch them and then either kill their babies or leave them to starve. Hopefully yours were raised the old fashioned way by letting mother do a lot of the feeding.

You can't be in a hurry for any of this to happen. The birds will breed, lay and hatch chicks in their own good time. Hope this helps you. Also when they do start breeding and laying, please don't breed them more than once a year as more often takes a lot out of the hens just like it does human women when they have kids too close together.

Keep us posted.

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