How do I make my room bird safe?

I really want to let my parakeet out of his cage, but I'm not sure if it is safe. I'm pretty sure he's had his wings clipped, but I think some of the feathers are starting to grow back. Whenever he is out of his cage, he seems to fly higher and farther than normal. The main thing is,I'm afraid that he'll fly over to my bed and fall behind it. He will sometimes fly over to my bed, but he hasn't gotten stuck behind it yet. How can I make my room safe for my parakeet? Thanks!

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Oct 07, 2011
How do I make my room bird safe?
by: Linda

Flying all over the room and/or house is not safe for any bird, so the first thing you'll have to do is take her to an Avian Vet and have her wings clipped. Do not do this yourself unless you have done it many times because if you cut into a blood feather the bird can bleed out and die. Wing clips at the avian vet do not cost much and will help to make her world a safer place.

Have them cut ONLY the long primary flight feathers at the ends of each wing. Do not let them cut up any higher as this causes chronic pain for the bird, and they fall like a rock instead of gently gliding down.

Make sure you are ALWAYS with bird when it's out of cage anywhere. Birds can get their feet tangled in all kinds of things including anything on bed. Doilies are horrible for birds, and I don't expect you have those in your room. Make sure there is nothing bird can eat that is poison, and feed your bird NO people food or drink as these make birds sick.

Look around your room and try and make yourself as small as your bird. It's fun, and you'll begin to see more problem areas this way. Birds are intelligent and never get beyond the 4-5 year old human child stage in their emotional and mental development, so we have to treat them like small children and protect them from themselves.

So, you're going to take bird to Avian Vet to have wings trimmed, and then you're going to imagine you're as small and silly as your bird and see what YOU could get into trouble with in your room. Have fun!!!


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