How Do I Rehabilitate My Budgie's Wing?

by Darty
(San Francisco, CA)

My budgie injured her wing a few weeks ago. The vet diagnosed a fractured radius/ulna (just 1 of the 2) and wrapped her wing up.

We removed her bandages yesterday, just after 3.5 weeks.

She doesn't seem to be able to fly normally... can't get height, and is of course lopsided because the healthy wing is stronger.

How can I try to rehabiliate her wing to see if she will ever be able to fly again?

Thank you.

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Dec 17, 2011
Bird with injured wing
by: The Avian Vet

It is my guess that she will never fly. Bandaging a wing causes contraction of the proptagial ligament and they cannot outstretch the wing completely. Without rigorous physical therapy it is not likely to heal to flight and even with PE it is not likely. I do not know if the bones are healed in that short time period either. Did you have follow-up x-rays done?

Dr B

Nov 26, 2011
I used this video
by: Christina

Hello :-) I had this same problem with my pigeon, I had taken him to the avian vet who bandaged up his broken wing, but after the bandage came off, his wing was stiff. My avian vet told me to move his wing out and in a few times, which is physiotherapy for a bird. I used this video made by an avian vet in Australia to get an idea of how to do it:

Nov 25, 2011
How Do I Rehabilitate My Budgie's Wing?
by: Linda

Hopefully you followed Avian Vet's instructions and did not unwrap wing too soon. I'd call your Avian Vet and find out about that. Do not try to get your bird to fly right now as the wing in weak, and she could be injured again and rebreak wing.

Rehab means just that. It means keeping bird quiet, not allowing her to fly and checking with your Avian Vet for any questions. If you unwrapped the wing too soon, the break is not healed. If this is the case, take her back into Avian Vet and have another xray done to make sure wing is not still broken or has been broken again. Follow avian vet's instructions to the letter as they know what they're doing. Do what they say, and you're bird will get well.


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