How do I stop Charlie biting me!?

by Mel

My 5 month old princess parrot (Charlie) bites my hands all the time, it seems like he hates hands, he fine with getting in my arm and stuff and is surprisingly really gentle once he is on me. But when ever I put my hand near him he goes nuts. I can stroke his beak but he won't let me touch him. How do I fix it?

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Apr 16, 2013
How do I stop Charlie biting me!?
by: Linda

To add a bit to Tracie's answer, use a perch to get him in and out of cage if that is when he bites you the most. Lots of birds are afraid of hands, and if they were mis-handled as babies, hands are a constant source of stress for them.

Use a small perch and ask him to "step up" or whatever you say when getting him out of cage. Do the same thing when putting him back in cage. As the other writer stressed, keep all birds, no matter how small, off your shoulders. There have been many very severe attacks from having birds at this height so close to neck, face, eyes and ears. Years' ago, a lady bought a Pekin Robin from us, and they are softbill birds. She insisted on putting him on her shoulder when she was driving anywhere, and came in one day with a big patch over one eye. She almost lost her eye because her bird was startled by something and practically poked her eye out. Keep birds on arms or hands or on perches.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 16, 2013
Charlie biting
by: Anonymous

Your bird is only five months old so you have a lot of training ahead of you. Have you taught the bird to step up on your finger? I know it's hard because he bites your hands but you have to learn from your bird too. Watch his body language and his behavior. When he does bite you, give a firm "no", put him back in cage and walk away. It takes time, patience and repetition to train a bird. Once the bird knows what he is doing is not acceptable, it will stop. You also have to be careful when the bird is on you that it doesn't start biting your neck, face or ears. Some birds don't like to be stroked or petted, so respect your birds's space and don't force yourself on it. Just be gentle, use soft language and don't make any sudden movements like jerking your hand away when it bites.

Apr 16, 2013
Get bird to let you pet it
by: Tracie

You may not like my answer, but what if your bird just doesn't like to be petted? Should your significant other write on a forum how to get you to tolerate something you hate? Your bird may be communicating that it just doesn't like to be stroked.

You CAN teach the bird not to bite you with treats etc., but you will NOT be building a relationship of love and trust in doing so. I personally train my birds not to bite and not to be afraid of hands etc., but I respect their preferences too. I see our relationship as one of mutual trust.

If you don't hate me for typing the above now, you can read some health and training articles at this Parrot Training page link.

By the way, typing can be taken wrong, because you can't hear my voice. I am not talking down to you or speaking as if you are horrible for wishing your bird would enjoy you petting it. I have an bourkes parakeet that is soft like baby powder that I really wish enjoyed being stroked, but alas he does not.

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