How do I stop my bird from screaming at dinner time?

by Jeanene S

My bird screams every time we eat dinner or any food at all. We share our food with him, but he screams between every bite.

Is there some way to stop my bird from screaming?

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Sep 01, 2008
by: Lauren

Hahah i no same with me u give him food and he starts screaming again,I have a cage upstairs and a lil portable one downstairs i switch him upstairs if he becomes a nusience

May 16, 2008
screaming bird
by: Tracie

Think of ways to prevent the situation that encourages the bird to scream. For example, move the cage to where everyone is, spend time with the bird a few minutes every hour, provide foraging activities, have short bird training sessions to help the bird get some rewards for pleasing you.

Reinforce all good behaviors. Lavish attention on the bird when it is quiet, playing with toys, eating its healthy treats, and doing behaviors you want to continue.

Consider some bird training techniques. Clicker training has helped many people stop bird screaming behavior. (Sold on this site.) Even teaching the bird to step up or wave can help. Spending time with your bird every day, doing bird training, and then following that up with some healthy treats in their bowl, will often satisfy the bird for quite a while.

Clicker Training for Birds can help bird screaming problems fade away and be replaced with positive behaviors you want to encourage.

Feb 12, 2008
Screaming at Dinnertime
by: Vicki

I have a B&G Macaw that does the same thing. I will not give him anything until he makes "inside voices" noise. I actually tell him that, too, and even do shhhhhhh... He has quickly figured out that screaming gets him nowhere, however, nice words will have him sharing our meal.

Good luck!

Feb 01, 2008
How do I
by: Win

Hi Jeanene,
Try a t stand for your bird. Over by the table. Let him see you put your food in the bowl. Then eat and ignore him. When he is quiet then praise him. Birds are flock animals. He wants to share in the joy of eating with his flock, which is you.

Dec 14, 2007
Cover the cage
by: Anonymous

Either eat in another room or cover the cage when he screams.

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