How do I stop my budgie from biting at her sore?

by Samantha Lang
(Brisbane, Australia)

Hello, My 5 year old female budgie had a non cancerous tumour removed from her back yesterday by an avian vet. It was rather large at 10cm round. It had been growing steadily since August 2013. It was comprised of fatty tissue. She had a general and it was removed and one stitch and glue applied.

Today I woke to find her beak bloodied and a trail of blood on her tail feathers. I found a piece of dried black blood with the clear glue on it. She won't stop biting at it. We keep trying to distract her but it works for 2 seconds before she's at it again. Is there anything we can put over it? Can a small bandaid be applied over the feathers until it heals? I know we would have trouble removing the bandaid later, but at least she would be picking at the material not the sore?

Thank you, Samantha

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Jan 17, 2014
Stop bird from biting lesion
by: The Avian Vet

There are a couple of methods to help with this problem. A bandage is possible depending on where the lesion is located,determining if a bandage will stay on. You should have your veterinarian apply the bandage and recheck the incision site. Another possibility is to put on a restraint collar. This should also be done by your veterinarian.

Dr B

Jan 15, 2014
sore budgie
by: Alex

It would be be best to phone your avian vet.

I am guessing that the vet also prescribed anti-biotics and pain medication.

The bird may be picking at it because the wound is itchy or they are trying to get to the pain and make it stop.

Phone the avian vet and see what they say. They may need you to go back in to have the wound treated further.

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