How do I tame two bonded conures?

by Shelby

I foster for a local parrot rescue group, and I have recently brought in two conures (one sun male, and one jenday female). they are extremely bonded. Neither will step up onto my hand from in the cage, on the cage, ect. The female is very fearful. She runs away from me, always hissing, and the male does the same until I can get him away from her, where he then turns into a sweetheart (except for the screaming back to her).

I need to get these two friendly and tame so they can be adopted out to a family, but I'm not sure how I can get them to do it without splitting them up (and if I do that then they will scream and I live in an apartment with not very nice neighbors).

I know this behavior is not medical as they just returned from the avian vet. so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
(sorry it was long ha)

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Sep 06, 2011
Bonded conures in a rescue
by: Tracie

I don't know that there is any way to tame them, as long as they are together. Since they are male and female, I wonder if they are not only bonded but a bonded breeding pair?

I suggest you find someone with a home to take both of them. I am not for hybrid breeding, but if these two are already bonded, then at the same time it seems cruel to separate them just because we don't want hybrid babies. It isn't their fault that someone put them together and they bonded.

This is my opinion, I realize. I just think birds have feelings too and if they are bonded they need to stay together however you can make it possible.

You might be able to find a breeder that will take them, just a thought.

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