How do I teach baby female king parrot to eat seed

We found an injured baby female king parrot close to death and have nursed it back to health with wambaroo rearing mix. She is now starting to walk around and streching her wings, but we need to know when and how we should get her to feed on seed by herself or will she do this as she flies around with other king parrots?

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Feb 02, 2013
by: Anonymous

hi there
i have found a baby king parrot the age unknown but is just flying. she to hasnt perfected her eating habbit yet. how old are they when they are finding there wings. she was getting chaced by magpys and flew straight onto me. mmmm i no! sead isnt her thing iv mixed a harmony honey eater this morning she ate it. pls help.
regards donna and kingparrot

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Dec 25, 2011
How do I teach baby female king parrot to eat seed
by: Linda

You cannot release this bird back into the wild because in the wild, they do not eat just seeds. Mother birds have to show baby birds what to eat and how to find it. Wild birds eat a wide variety of foods from a little seed to worms and bugs for protein plus whatever else they can find that is not poison to them. Unless she's been shown how to do this, she will not be able to feed herself and may be killed by other wild birds who are not her parents.

You will need to either keep her or find a place there that takes in rescued wild birds.

As for weaning her, you'll want to wean her onto an organic pellet like Harrisons found here. Weaning takes time and does not happen over night, so she may still need handfeeding for a while. Get the organic pellets now, so she can start trying to eat on her own, and keep feeding her handfeeding formula which you can find here. It has to be fed using either a syringe with a tip or a spoon with the sides bent up making a type of funnel so the food gets into the bird instead of all over the bird. Continue to feed her morning and night until you see her eating more of the pellets. You can also introduce her to some organic veggie food, and I recommend baked sweet potato which is accepted by a wide range of birds. Feed only smaller amounts of this as she needs to learn to eat the pellets which will make up 80-85% of her diet. Harrison's or Roudybush pellets are best.

As I said earlier, she cannot be released into the wild because she will either be killed or die from starvation as her Mother has not shown her how to forage for food. You are effectively her parents now unless you can find a place that takes in the injured wild birds in your area. Make some calls and see if you can find a place like this.


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