how do i tell if my african grey parrot is a boy or girl?

by alan

i dont know what is it boy or girl i berly got it today.......

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Sep 11, 2017
Boy or Girl
by: olga

i have en african gray and becouse i can't tell if is a boy or girl i named it coco for boy or girl but his tail is plain red.treble

Jan 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

parrot how can i tell if my african grey is male or female

Editor's note: If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions. You need a DNA test to determine gender.

Feb 21, 2011
you dont have to get a dna doen to find out
by: lu

i was watching my pet shame on tv and a woman came on with an african grey she didnt no the sex of it so juse named it george the vet come on and sexed the bird, it was a girl, the woman lifted the bird up so the vet could look under it tail and said if the tail is plane red its a boy and if its got silver on the tips of the red under the tail its a girl, i didnt no the sex of my african grey so i named him alfie, had him 3 years and just found out he is a girl but it dont matter shes had that name for 3 years and she dont mind. so thats how you can tell and you can look it up on the net, it is true

Dec 16, 2008
Boy or Girl?
by: Lewis

We are owned by a African Grey and there is no way to tell. The only way to tell is to bring the bird to a Avian Vet and have DNA test done. That is how we found out we had a little boy named Smokey.


Dec 16, 2008
sexing birds
by: Tracie

You need to have a DNA test done, preferable by your avian vet. Most breeders will do the test for you also.

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