How do I weigh my conure?

by Michael
(Palm Coast, FL)


Hi - I'm trying to convert my conure from seed to pellets and I need to monitor his weight, but he doesn't let me hold him. Any suggestions?

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Jan 27, 2010
Can't get my sun conure to eat pellets
by: Tania

Hi Jeff,

I would be very interested in how you got your conure to eat pellets. My conure will only eat sun flower seeds and a small amount of fruit. I have tried a few things to get her to make the switch but nothing has worked. Any help would be appreciated.


Dec 02, 2009
Weighing Your Conure
by: Jeffery Jones


I have a Sun Conure as well. I use a postal type scale to weigh him, the kind that weighs in grams and up to one pound. If your bird will not let you hold him, simply entice him with his favorite treat and place it on the scale. Push the tear button to remove the weight of the food, then when your bird steps on to eat his treat you will get his accurate weight. Hope this helps. If you need help with converting him to pellets I have a system that works perfect. Just let me know. (email removed, we do not post email addresses)


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