How do you stop a baby lorikeets bordem?

My lorikeet is all alone in the cage and I am not sure how to cheer him up. He is hand reared and he is over 4 months and i can't spend much time with him.

My lorikeet doesn't like anyone touching his back or body

Please o please o please reply thank you for your words of wisdom


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Aug 12, 2011
How do you stop a baby lorikeets bordem?
by: Linda

Why did you get a bird who needs a lot of attention and time from you and then leave it all alone day after day?

You have to get a companion to be in another cage close to this bird's cage. Do not put them together as there could be fighting. At least your bird will have a companion for all the time you are not there. This will give him someone to talk with while you are gone and beats being all alone with no one for sure.

If you fail to get your bird a companion, then my suggestion is to rehome this bird to people who know how to care for it and that have more time to spend with it. Birds are very social creatures who live in flocks. Their human caretakers become their flock. Your bird is suffering from lonliness and will eventually become sick if it's not already. Before bringing in another bird, make sure new bird is examined for infections or other contageous physical issues BEFORE it comes into your home with your bird. To do otherwise means that both birds may have to be treated at the same time, which means you will have to be there to give medications.


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