how do you train a bird to drink from a water bottle?

I have heard that water bottles are better then bowls. How do you train you bird to drink from one?

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Jul 21, 2010
Training birds to drink from a bottle
by: Megan

Ok so my birds (they're white faced cockateils) are a little too inbred and are a little stupid. I wish I was kidding but they have run in circles before and gotten their heads stuck between the bars.They kept pooping in their water dish so I went and bought a water bottle type thing. They didnt drink for almost 2 days when I put the old dish back do I get them to drink out of the bottle?

I was thinking of maybe weaning them off the dish bc the bottle and dish are right next to each other but if that doesn't work, I'm clueless. Any ideas?

Editor's note: Did you read the first answer to this question? Please follow the instructions and do NOT keep your birds from water. Also, the bar spacing is too big if your birds can stick their heads out.

Jul 12, 2010
? water bottle
by: Anonymous

I have a question, is it just a regular water bottle or is it one that is made for animals?

Jun 24, 2010
peanut butter
by: Anonymous

Put a small amount of peanut butter on the tip of the water bottle tube. They can smell the peanuts and will drink almost immediately. They learn very quickly.

Jun 10, 2010
Drinking from a bottle or a straw
by: Anonymous

I got my birds a Sun Conure and a Nandy Conure to drink like this without knowing what I was doing. Recently I got a new type of blender that makes awesome fruit smoothies and my birds love them so much that as soon as they hear the blender they begin to squawk. First I started feeding them some off of the straw I was using so I knew they could drink from the straw, and when you did the first article about this about subject a week or so ago I thought I would try it too. As soon as they saw the bottle they ran to it and began to drink from it. They now know this isn?t a smoothie but drink from it anyway and still squawk for their smoothie?s when they hear the blender going. I suggest trying this with something your birds love to drink as mine does their smoothie?s. I have one question for you about this though. Is it ok for them to have the smoothie?s with ice? The way my blender makes them it?s like a crushed ice and the Sun conure loves it just that way however the Nandy likes it a bit warmer like after it?s sat for a few minutes. I don?t let him have a lot at a time for fear he will get one of those awful Ice cream headaches we all know too well.

Jun 09, 2010
How we train our birds to use a Lixit bottle
by: Tracie

First, I am so glad you are going to attempt to teach your birds to use a bottle. Our avian vet says that many bacterial infections would be avoided if people would use bottles instead of letting their birds drink and bathe in bacteria laden water bowls.

We attach our Lixit water bottle either just above the water dish or next to the dish, where the bird can choose to drink from the dish or the bottle from the same perch.

We mark the water line on the bottle with tape, so we can see if the water line goes down, thus indicating that they have used the bottle. We also spend 30 min. a day watching the bird without distraction to see if the bird drinks from the bottle.

Once the bird discovers there is water in the bottle, it will know to go there for water if there is no other source.

Soooo, once we believe the bird has discovered that the bottle has water, when we are home for a few hours we take out the water dish and only have the water bottle for the bird we are training. We sit across the room, with our eyes peeled to the cage. We put a very small treat in the cage to get the bird to eat, and then watch for it to go to the bottle for a drink.

If need be, on the day you are going to take out the water bowl, you might also not put the food dish in with food until you are going to do the experiment, so that the bird will be hungry and go for the food. You MUST do this in the morning if you are going to do this though.

Let us know how it goes!

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