How dos the birds mate (african Lb)

by fazrick
(sri lanka)

what is the time perioud the birds mate?
i got a pair of peached face cobelt blue (two) then i resently bourght a pair called olive green (two) but earlier i thourght my coubelt blue was the ideal pair
but more than 10 months they didnt breed so now i put the new olive green pair in the same cage after couple of days one cobelt blue and one olive green seems to be kissing each other with ther beek is this is the mating style of the african love birds

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Sep 05, 2008
Maybe don't breed?
by: Tracie

Hello Fazrick,

It doesn't sound like you have experience with breeding birds. I would strongly suggest you spend some time with an experienced breeder and learn all there is to know before experimenting with birds.

There are so many things that can go wrong and the birds will suffer and possibly die from your lack of knowledge and experience.

Please contact a breeder and ask questions and offer to help them with their birds and get some experience.

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