how is the best way to handle and travel with my sun conure in a car?

by sonya

i am picking a sunconure from a personal party and i was wondering what was the best way to travel with him in a car travel time is est. 1 and a half hoursm buying a sun conure from a private party what is the best way to bring him home safly and he is not stressed should i use a box the cage is to large to fit in my truck with him in it?

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Jun 04, 2009
Picking up a new bird
by: The Vet

The best way to travel is in a carrier or travel cage. Be sure to include a perch. If the bird is on a water bottle, then attach one to the cage. If not, use grapes or other fruit to provide fluid during travel. But, then switch him to a water bottle when you get him home. ( Lixit water bottles keep the water bacteria free for a couple of days.)

Include a dry food such as Harrison's pellets, or a few seeds for the trip. If he is not on pellets, then you need to switch him as soon as possible. ( Switching Birds to Pellets article.)

Be sure that you have him examined by an avian veterinarian as soon as you are able. He needs a work up and vaccinations. You can wait a couple of weeks, but don?t wait too long.

Dr B

Jun 04, 2009
Travel with Birds
by: Linda

For one thing, define Truck. Birds cannot be put in the back of a pickup truck for any reason. They have to ride inside a car or SUV or van. The bird will need a travel carrier for the trip, and there are some out here, and they are also all over the internet and in most pet stores. For 1.5 hours, you'll need some water in one of the cups, probably only filled halfway up. Birds travel best on flat surface, so you won't need perches in the carrier. Put thick multiple layers of paper towel in the bottom, and you may wish to take out a couple of the layers after a while so he does not sit in his poop.

The other issue traveling in a car in the summer is either NO air conditioning or very, very little. If you run up on road work, like asphalting or very dusty, it is best to close fresh air vents and recirculate a very light AC. Birds can get pneumonia under air conditioning either in a car or house. Make sure he is placed well away from any vents in your house and that your house is kept no less that 75-76 degrees all summer(we close off vent in our bird's room). In the car, on the way home, if it is very, very hot outside, go ahead and run A/C on a very mild temp, just enough to keep you both from getting way too hot. If it's possible, and the carrier has little cups with it, fill one of those about half full, so he can drink a little on the way. Just remember, if using the AC, that if you get into a lot of bumper to bumper traffic, close off the fresh air vents and recirculate the air. Carbon monoxide can kill birds and cats.

You can look at the travel carriers Traci has out here, and you can also use the smaller airline crates as well. The airline crates in the smaller sizes are relatively inexpensive and are also perfect for taking bird to vet which needs to be done as soon as is possible after you get bird home. Birds can be either carrying bacterial infections or get them as moving to a new home is stressful, and they sometimes get sick.

Hope this helps and hope you have a closed-in vehicle for your bird to come home in.

Jun 04, 2009
travel cage
by: Lori

There are many different styles and prices of travel cages. You need to invest in one thats big enough for your sun conure to be comfortable when traveling and small enough to take him to the vet in. I have a wingabago and love it. I bought it over the internet. I know Tracie has some on this web site as well. Always strap it into the back seat with a seat belt just in case you have to stop suddenly. Good luck with your new baby. I have a sun conure and although he is very loud he has a great personality.

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