How long do Peach Faces Live?

by Vicki

I have had my bird for 18 years and was told this is very old for these birds? The small holes at the nose one of them has a growth that is getting larger, does not seem to affect her but notice she is getting frail. Still loves to get out of cage for some affection/attention. Is this a sign of illness or close to death?

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Apr 15, 2009
Peach Face life expectancy
by: The Vet

I don?t have enough information to comment on your bird?s health, or give you a prognosis on her lifespan. I do know that this age I consider to be geriatric. But, that does not mean she is close to death. You need to have her examined, do some diagnostics like basic blood work to determine what her general physiological condition is. See if her kidneys are working, see if her liver is functioning properly, etc. If you find problems, there are many things that can be done, even to older birds, that will make them feel better, and have them live longer.

The other things that will contribute to a longer healthier life are diet (she should be eating pellets like Harrison's), regular vet visits to catch things early and intervene, drinking from a water bottle to reduce the chance for infections, keeping her warm with a heating pad on the cage, allowing her more sleep at night, a heated perch for her comfort, etc.

I have lovebirds in my practice that are as old as 21, 22 and these birds are doing well. So, although 18 is old, it does not have to be the end.

Dr B

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