How long to syringe a baby Sun Conure?

How much months do you need to syringe a baby Sun Conure and when could you start feeding it harder food?

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Aug 25, 2013
by: Michelle

Linda said it well I usually let the baby tell me when it wants to be weaned even though I start introducing other foods such as the pellets, and I tend to wean when it starts going into a Cage I have a 5 week and one day Baby tell me when it is ready for more Food that way you will not over feed or under Feed your baby let the baby tell you when it ready to be wean they will start refusing to eat one or two of the babies formula and when they do that start adding pellets or seed in what you have it in. I am using a gallon bend right and soon she will have to go to a cage because she is trying to get out of the bend I have her in. Follow your Babies desires don't let it go hungry it is better to hand feed longer then to wean to early Shalom Michelle

Dec 14, 2012
A Big Help
by: Anonymous

I was just given a 7 week old sun conure for christmas, which santa came early for me due to it being a living animal that I would have to care for. I have had her/it(sex unknown) one week and was not sure about weaning and did not want to drive the vet or breeder insane with questions or being uncertain on. I know its about time to start solid food but was unsure of what to start with and how to start.
your article was a big help and it will be on my favorites.

Thanks again,
Baby's mom

Aug 18, 2009
Weaning Baby Birds
by: Linda

The baby should be ready to start the WEANING PROCESS at 8 weeks.Weaning is a process and not something that happens all of a sudden.You need to get everything you need for the weaning process. First, buy a high quality pellet like Harrison's and/or Goldn'obles (they have a nice organic "ring" or "O"). You can start putting the pellets into a feeding dish for your baby right away while still handfeeding(a tablespoon or two at most). Babies need to be weaned onto a high quality organic pelleted food. Kaytee and Roudybush also make a "weaning" pellet which would be additional foods. I'd go ahead and get a small package of either the Kaytee or the Roudybush AND some of the Harrisons and Goldenfeast so Baby has a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Babies have to first be INTERESTED in their food in order to enjoy eating it. They begin by "playing" with their it though they'll taste it as they go.More will be on floor at first than in baby!

If baby appears to not like ANY of the foods, you can put just a little organic unsweetened apple juice on a tablespoonful at a time and see how that goes. BE SURE AND REMOVE ANY SOFT FOOD WITHIN AN HOUR AS IT WILL BECOME RANCID. WHEN FEEDING FRUITS OR VEGGIES, TAKE THEM OUT IN AN HOUR TOO, AS THEY WILL ALSO BECOME RANCID AND POISON FOR BIRDS. Babies also benefit from a little fresh, organic veggie and fruit food. Baked sweet potato is good, dark yellow squash and even a little banana and apple is good. You want to guard against giving too much fruit and veggies as these will cause stomach upsets and imbalances in diet. Feed raw except for the sweet potato, and it needs to be baked. DO NOT FEED ANYTHING WITH SUGAR OR SALT ON IT OR IN IT AS THESE ARE POISONS FOR BIRDS. Feed ORGANIC everything if you can to make sure there are no pesticide or fertilizer residue on any of bird's foods.

Once baby is eating and not just playing with his food--check the crop, and it should look full after bird eats. You can then start cutting down on the handfeeds per day. Drop from 3 to 2 for a while and allow baby to make up difference with his new foods. Then drop from 2 times day to one time day usually in the evening until bird is eating like an adult bird would. I'd keep up the night feeding for a week or more until you know baby is getting everything he needs. His energy will be high, his eyes bright, and he'll be happy. NEVER LET YOUR BIRD GO HUNGRY EVEN IF IT MEANS OFFERING HIM YET ANOTHER WEEK OF NIGHT SYRINGES. WEANING IS A PROCESS AND IS DIFFERENT FOR ALL BIRDS, SO FOLLOW YOUR BIRD'S LEAD IN THIS. LIKE HUMAN CHILDREN, ONCE THE "BOTTLE" STOPS, THEY MISS IT, SO UNLESS HE DOES NOT EAT ANY OF HIS FOODS, DON'T OFFER SYRINGE. IF HE GOES OFF FEED AND CRIES FOR ONE, FEED THE BABY!!!!!


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