How long will I live?

by Jennifer
(Herefordshire, UK)

Meyer's Parrot

Meyer's Parrot

Hi, I'm Birdie, a Meyers Parrot. I am at least 17 years old, and have had two previous owners, the first one had small children who teased and frightened me, so I went to live with another one who went away and left me. Now I have an owner who I really like. She strokes my head and we snuggle and play. But now I have found her, I don't know how long I am going to have with her.

Please can someone tell me how long I am likely to live?

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Mar 23, 2011
Meyers lifespan
by: Anonymous

I have a Meyers hes 10years old they need a lot of affection and time out of the cage with you
They will thrive if you treat them well no milk or chocolate ever just treats and fruit & veg
just love them and talk to them all the time they think they are human they will live 30 plus if you look after them

Sep 30, 2009
How Long will I live
by: Linda

Hi there, and you can live to 30+ years if your Mom is feeding you correctly.

Parrots need to be eating a high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's which Tracie carries out here. An all seed diet even with additions of fruit and veggies is not enough for birds' bodies to function properly, and lifespans will be cut in half if eating only seeds.

The change from seeds to pellets takes some time, so be prepared for it, and your ultimate goal is to get off seeds and onto pellets. Harrisons makes a bird bread mix which will help with the change, and according to my two Amazons, it is very tasty.Buy the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil for your Mom to put in it plus 2 whole eggs or just the whites if she wishes to cut down on fats.

The other thing your Mom needs to do is to take you to an Avian Vet at least once a year and more often if your toenails and beak need trimming. If you have not been to a vet in a long time, you need to tell her that you need an appointment with an Avian Vet in your area, and she will know what you mean.

You also need safe toys and natural branch perches so your feet will be comfortable and you will not develop arthritis. Your new Mom needs to watch you when you are out of your cage and put you to bed around 9pm every night with a nice, safe cover over your cage if possible.

If you eat right, get enough exercise, rest and trips to your doctor, you will live a long and healthy life with your new family. We are SO happy you wrote to us so we could answer all your questions--actually you asked 1 question, and we answered all the others you will be coming back with later!!!

Take care and enjoy your new home, and we wish you the best life ever as you deserve it!!!


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