How long will my parrotlet live?

by zach raney
(mobile, Al, USA)

how long will my parrotlet live im not really sure he is about 1 year old?

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Jun 04, 2009
A Healthy Bird Lives Longer
by: Linda

Dear Zach, your little birdy will live 20+ years if he is taken care of properly.

He needs nourishing foods like Harrison's pellets and Birdy bread. They make their foods using only organic, clean, healthy ingredients. An all seed diet with eventually hurt him a lot as it is lacking in nutrients. He will also need at least yearly trips to an Avian Vet so he can be checked out for any infections or parasites or other problems. If he has not already been, make sure he goes in for a "new bird" checkup.

He will need a nice-sized cage hopefully with a playtop on it or you can make him a stand alone a playtop if someone is handy with tools. You can use clean unfinished dowels like you see in hardware/home improvement store and/or natural wood.

Use natural wood perches, like manzanita, apple or from a nut tree. Wood has to be "cured"(dried) for up to a year after it is cut, thoroughly washed and dried. If tree has EVER been sprayed with pesticide, growth hormones or fertilizer, do not use it. There are places on the internet and in some pet stores that carry natural wood perches with the hardware already on each end. The natural branches provide exercise for bird's feet and prevent problems later when bird is older. Manzanita is one of my favorites. Your bird also needs safe toys to play with like pieces of wood strung on ONLY COTTON rope preferably white in color. Parrots love to chew, so you can make him some toys out of kiln dried pine, dowels or branches cut into rounds with holes drilled in middle. Don't buy flimsy toys like cheap bells where the "clanger" can be taken out and swallowed. Always be careful his toys are safe toys. Do some reading about your bird by either buying a good book (Traci has some out here) or by going on the internet and putting your birds species in the search box.

Good luck and many blessings to you and your little birdy!

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