how many birds

i'm thinking of getting another bird i have a crimson bellied & was thinking of either a sun or green cheek conure what do you think

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Aug 27, 2012
Adding a conure to the mix
by: Tracie

You can get either bird. We just don't know if they will ever get along. Since they are all conures, if the get along it will be safe for them to be out together.

Sorry we didn't answer the question that way the first time. We couldn't tell if you were wanting to put them in the same cage, were a beginner or what with the information you provided. You can understand as bird lovers that we want to cover all the bases so birds don't get hurt.

Aug 27, 2012
another bird
by: Anonymous

let's try this again i want to know which conure would be more suitable for my crimson bellied i have had birds all of my life & i am 63 years old i do not need to be told how to intruduce a new bird

Aug 23, 2012
How many birds
by: Anonymous

If you'd like to have a second bird, feel free to get one. However there are a few things to consider.

You will need a seperate cage, so check to see if you have the room for it. Never place a new bird in with an exsisting bird, as they can and will fight.

You'll want to keep the new cage several feet from the other cage if not across the room. The birds will / can socialize from a distance for a very long time. Never force them to be friends, there's no garrantee that will happen.

Play stands should never contain both birds at the same time. Keep birds seperated.

You'll also want to make sure if they are allowed outside time from the cage, that their wings are kept clipped. This prevent accident, injury, and them from flying to the others cage where a fight can break out.

Consider space, your time (do you have enough time for 2 birds) and the money. (Birds need to see vets too! If you cannot afford a vet, then reconsider your discion to purchase another bird)

Otherwise... I see no problems with getting a second one. GL have fun!

Aug 22, 2012
How many birds should you have?
by: Tracie

How many birds you should have depends on how much time you have to spend with them, how much money you have for quality pellets and avian veterinary visits and how much room you have for cages.

Just make sure you purchase a separate cage for the new bird because you don't know if it will get along with your other birds.

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