how many bonded pairs can i keep in a 2 b 2 cage

by edwin
(temple texas)

how many pairs of breeders can i keep in a 2 by 2 cage?

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Sep 25, 2010
how many bonded pairs can i keep in a 2 b 2 cage
by: Linda

Well, Tracie is a hard act to follow, and I'll just add a little bit to it. You cannot keep anything more than 2 small finches in a 2' by 2' cage. The minimums that are on cage descriptions when you are looking to buy are just that. ALWAYS multiply the minimum requirement times at least 3 to 4 times larger. When working with multiple pairs, you virtually need an outdoor aviary set up or a very large room turned over to being cage in the house. Even the small birds need lots of flight room, perches, and every bird or pair of birds needs their own feeding/watering and nesting facilities.

As Tracie said, you need to do much more study before even dreaming of getting into this. The fact that you would even ask how many of what to put in a 2' square cage sets off the alarms for anyone who has worked with birds. If you think there is money in breeding birds, please allow me to burst that bubble right now. If you feed your birds high quality food, take them to Avian vet once a year and more often if they are ill, then you WILL NOT be able to pocket much money if any. Sometimes the babies don't sell, and then you have to have more cages because you cannot leave families together or risk them breeding and producing genetic horrors physically, mentally and emotionally. Take your time, do your homework, and what I think you'll find is that you'd rather just have a few birds as companions. Breeding is expensive, time consuming and a lot harder than you may think right now. Just keep thinking, no money in this, and you'll be okay. In fact, think much, much more money than you ever dreamed in this, and you'll be on the right path.


Sep 25, 2010
How many breeders pairs per cage?
by: Tracie

I don't want this to sound ugly, but if you don't know the answer I don't think you should be breeding birds yet. Please consider getting some experience by helping another breeder and learn all you can BEFORE breeding birds.

If you do not have the experience and knowledge to care for your birds, you will take a huge chance and killing both your breeders and their babies. Also, if you have not done a marketing study, how do you know you will even have buyers?

Most importantly, how can you be a trusted breeder with healthy birds, if you don't have an avian vet that you work with? You will need to take your birds to an avian vet to make sure your breeder birds are healthy. (If you have an avian vet, then you would be able to ask him/her questions.) Then you will want to take the babies to the vet when they hatch so you can give your customers a certificate of health to prove your babies are healthy.

Last of all, you did not even tell us what kind of birds you are hoping to breed, so how can anyone answer your question?

Really, thanks for writing. Please do not read anything bad in the tone of my typing. I am just throwing out the red flags in hopes that you will take my advice and get some training before you get in over your head and hatch sick baby birds.

On our Find an Avian Vet page, Dr. Erica Haley in Georgetown TX is a great vet near you, if you need an avian vet.

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