how many times a day should i feed my 3 month old african grey?

by Robert
(New York)

I Recently bought a baby male african grey all is well... But i want to know how many times a day i should hand feed him like a time schedule.. also at the moment he is eating parakeet food and when can i switch him to parrot food... And when can i stop hand feeding him.

Thanks .. Rob

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Jun 21, 2018
Request for a positive answer
by: Maureen

I also have a 3-month old African Grey Parrot. And I am also interested in knowing how many times per day, and how much I should feed it.

The bird I purchased is able to handle any food I am giving it three times a day such as apple, banana, carrots, peas, cauliflower and beans (cooked). I am also giving it sunflower seeds until I can find an African Grey Parrot seed pack.

What I would like to see on this website is a positive response to the honest question.

Editor's note: You should feed your bird 80% of their diet as high quality pellets such as Roudybush or Harrison's. When you see how little pellets they eat, you can see how few treats you should feed your bird.

Because you want the bird to eat the healthy food first, feed pellets in the morning, maybe offer a small treat of raw veggies in the day, and save high-fat treats like seeds and nuts for the end of the day AFTER the pellets have been eaten.

Feb 03, 2013
un weaned birds to experts only
by: Anonymous

I am not against the sale of unweaned birds but I am against the sale of un-weaned birds to novices!
I have bred and kept birds - all kinds from finches to greys- all my life and have over 25 years of experience handfeeding - when I buy an un-weaned baby I have the equipement ready to go: a brooder ( not self build but a $500 device that is reliable and keeps temperature to a degree exact), sanitized syringes and good quality formula. If there is something wrong I know a good avian vet to call and I can suction a crop and have medication and remedies at home for emergency care.
It is nuts that some novices think that they can take on handfeeding a large bird with not even the most basic knowledge. I am not even blaming breeders to sell un-weaned babies but the people who buy them. You can get all the knowledge you want online through google now - if you don't spend the time doing your research ( and hopefully realizing that handfeeding should be left to people with experience and knowledge) you should not own a pet period.
People want cuddely and sweet bird pets without putting in the effort for training and gaining the birds trust. However - a bird isn't getting tame through handfeeding ( the wrong kind of handfeeding can severley traumatize a bird) BUT socializing and love in the time after they wean. Handfed birds are mostly interested in food - only after handfeeding the true bonding and socializing and training starts. A single baby will never learn to be a bird and that usually leads to behavioural issues.
Anyone here that recently got an un-weaned bird - do yourself a favor and find an experienced handfeeder- preferebly with other birds in the nest and let them finish the bird for you and THEN invest the time and love into the baby- the bird and you will be much happier that way. Raising single babies is outright cruel - baby birds need birds to cuddle with 24/7 - no wonder most large birds have behavioural issues- - jeez ...

Sep 17, 2012
feeding ur baby
by: Anonymous

Hi, I also have a 2n half old african grey and I don't c the big deal in it not being weaned coz I wanted him so small so that he can get use to all of us in the house! Anyway, 3-4times a day is effecient, I feed mine 7am, 11am, 3pm, and last feed 7pm ! Jus make ur own routine,as long as u don't feed the bird at all different hours! Treat it like u wud treat ur own child! Time for eat, for play and for sleep! U start feeding him food and fruit as soon as he's showin signs of eating on his own, these birds r very clever u shudnt have any probs ! Good luck!

Aug 14, 2012
3 time a day
by: Anonymous

hi,, congrats bro..
he needs about 40cc 3 time a day.
you only need to know the how to feed him..
and you guys stop complaining and be positive, otherwise tell your mom she leave her baby to an expert to feed them,,

Jan 02, 2012
baby grey
by: Anonymous

it is not you personally because you dont know any better.. but I am upset reading what you have to say. It is SO awful that these so called "breeders" sell unweaned babies..they just dont care about anything but the money. An honest, reputable breeder will wean the bird before it goes home so it is confident and well-adjusted, it will have a clean bill of health from an avian vet, and they will give you free range of contact throughout the birds life. I doubt they guaranteed any of these things. It is too bad because untrained people just get these babies in their hands and are expected to raise a healthy bird. If you do not know how many times to feed this baby, I could only assume you do not know how much, for how long, the fact you have to weigh him daily, etc. etc. I wouldnt even trust this breeder, and I would find an avian vet right away to get this baby healthy and started on a feeding plan. Second of all...if this baby came to you picking at PARAKEET food.. that is the icing on the cake. Who on earth came up with the idea thinking it is ok to wean a baby african grey onto parakeet seed!?!? That is appauling!! He should be weaning already onto parrot food and fresh fruit and veggies, a reliable, nutritional food such as Harrison's or Roudybush pellets. please please please do more research on this bird because you should know this already if you did your homework. If no changes are made, it will just be another terminally ill parrot, or worse, a dead one.

Jan 02, 2012
feeding 3 month old African Grey
by: Anonymous

I don't know about other breeders but I kind of feed on demand. If they are begging it is either from hunger or the need for reassurance. Also, if you can find parrot sized weaning pellets, I have found that giving them as treats at the end of a feeding session it helps in the transition. At three months old somewhere between 2 and 3 times a day. Just remember that eating is not only to put food in your fid but it is also used to reassure them that all is safe. Also, at this point they need the formula for fluid as much as solids. It takes them a while to learn that they need to drink that "stuff" frequently to feel good.

Jan 02, 2012
Hand feeding an African Grey parrot
by: Tracie

Ugh, another breeder has sold an unweaned bird. :-(

It is best that you take this bird back to the breeder, and find reputable breeder that cares for their birds. If a breeder will sell an unweaned bird to someone without hand feeding experience, it is unlikely they take care of their birds and your bird may have an illness, disease or even be inbred.

Linda, an experienced breeder, will likely read this question eventually and might be able to give you instructions, but honestly I wouldn't keep that bird if they paid me to keep it.

Breeders that are just in it for the money do this, because they get money for the birds but don't have to work at caring for them. They know that many of the babies will die once they leave their home and they just don't care.

Please read our To Wean or Not To Wean article written by an avian vet.

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