how much do i charge for just hatch african gray

by kathie o.
(akron, in.)

how much to charge for just hatch african gray chick ?

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Jul 23, 2011
Baby Parrots & General Care
by: Bird Lover

Hooray website owner a person who genuinely cares about the care & welfare of Birds. Birds are cute, pretty colours so humans must have one. They have not done their homework, diet care housing etc. Never never buy from a pet shop no matter how nice the salesperson is. They are salespeople they are there to sell their products to maintain a cash flow. We have puppy mill/factories same for birds the most cruel practices in these horror houses. Contact a Bird Society find a reputable breeder. Check out the Breeders Aviaries are clean, birds have an enrichment aviary. Birds a active Well maintained feathers. Fresh Food & Water. You can tell if the Breeder cares about his Birds he will spend time with you His birds will look alert & healthy. Be careful with all Animal Breeders many are just in it for the money.

Jul 21, 2011
how much do i charge for just hatch african gray
by: Linda

If the mother is not feeding this baby, then you have to be feeding him using baby parrot handfeeding formula using a syringe. If you do not know how to do that or how to wean or any of the other important issues involving baby parrots, then why are you doing this? Also, the baby will be dead in a short time making how much money you may make a moot point!

I strongly suggest, you find a breeder in your area who will take this baby and keep it alive and healthy. If you don't know how to care for baby parrots, then GIVE the breeder the bird. Breeding birds is not a money-making business unless people are not taking care of their birds. Birds, both parents and babies, need to be seen by an Avian Vet, the parents BEFORE breeding, and the babies if they do not gain weight every day as this means an infection is present. Food needs to be high quality organic pellets like Harrison's. All seed diets are poor nutrition and babies born of this will be weak and sickly.

If you feed low quality diet, do not take birds to Avian Vet when needed and over breed the hens, you may make some money. There are lot of bird mill breeders doing just that. Their facilities are filthy and infection ridden, the food is crap, and trips to avian vet are not done. Dead birds including babies are thrown in the garbage without a thought as to their health and well-being. These are some of the birds coming into pet stores all over the country, and they are all sick and some die within a week of being purchased.

Make up your mind what kind of breeder you are going to be. Are you going to feed your birds well, take them to avian vet as needed and provide roomy, clean living areas or are you just in it for the money. As an old woman who has bred a number of birds and talking from experience, if you love your birds, you will not make much, if any money. The only people who need to be breeding birds or any other animals are people who are responsible for their animals and birds and provide them with everything they need for a great start in life. To do less is criminal in both the figurative and literal sense. Stated Plainly, to do less means people need to be locked up in jail and fined a lot of money and forbidden to breed whatever it is they have been killing.


Jul 21, 2011
The price of an unweaned African Grey
by: Tracie

Please do NOT sell a bird that is not fully weaned, unless you are selling the bird to another breeder. Please make sure your birds get a certificate of good health from an avian vet before selling them. Don't be a "back yard breeder" that is just in it for the buck.

If you do not know what to sell your birds for, then I don't know what to say, accept I am disappointed that you are raising birds when you don't know what you are doing.

Please contact a breeder in your area, get some help and training. The price for birds depends on where you live. The price for an African Grey in Dallas Texas will be different in Seattle Washington.

Please read the To Wean or Not To Wean article on our Parrot Training page also.

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