How much food daily?

by Natalie

I am the owner of cockatiels and parrotlets and I want to make sure they are getting enough food but not overfeeding them -
Currently I have been given them approximately

1 tsp fresh food, 1 tsp seed mix, 1 tsp pellets per bird daily
Is that enough or should I up one of the ratios?
Thanks for the help

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Apr 03, 2013
How much food daily?
by: Linda

The pellets should have instructions on the package. Keep in mind that your goal is to have them eating 80-85% in organic pellets like the ones found here. ZuPreem and Lafaeber's are junk pellets full of preservatives, sugars, dyes and other very harmful chemicals. Look at the Organic Pellets/Mixes link on the left of this page to find out more about organic pellets.

Since you are going to be feeding bulk of diet in organic pellets, this means only 10-15% of diet can be any fruit/veggies meaning very small amounts only a few times a week. Birds do not need to eat constantly, and need to be hungry when they eat. Smaller birds need to eat more often, but they do not need to eat extra food all day long. Too much food will cause many physical problems even when eating a healthy diet. Feed NO human foods and when feeding Harrisons organic pellets, feed absolutely NO animal proteins which includes egg food. Basically, Harrisons pellets provide 100% of what bird's need without additions other than the dark orange, yellow and green veggies at only 10-15% of total diet. Harrisons has a bird bread mix also found here which is a very nice addition to the diet and provides some interesting variations on the pellets. They have 3 flavors all made with Harrison's pellets recipe as their base. Use the organic Red Palm oil for the oil and two eggs plus water and bake. It has to be frozen into little packets and taken out in amounts that your birds can eat in 4-5 days which is all it will keep in the refrigerator. All organic pellets have to be refrigerated because they have no preservatives.

Look at the package of pellets and see what they suggest for your size birds keeping in mind the little Parrotlets will eat less than the Cockatiels though they will need food more often. This is where you go on the internet and do searches on general info about both the Cockatiels and Parrotlets because they are two entirely different species and everything you do or don't do has to be with that in mind.

Thanks for writing,

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