How much formula to feed baby love bird

Hey, I recently had to take out my baby love bird who is 3 weeks old from the nest because it has splayed legs. We are now hand feeding it and i am wondering how much formula should i be giving it? We are feeding it every 4 hours 5 times a day.

If anyone has dealt with love birds before can you please tell me how much cc a food a day they need

thanks, Amanda

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Jun 19, 2011
how much times too feed a baby love bird
by: sarah

i want to get a lovebird but i dont know how much times to feed it so if anyone knows please write something thanks

Sep 27, 2010
How Much Formula
by: Linda

Amanda, I'm not sure of the answer, so I went on the internet asking the question: "How much do I feed a baby Lovebird 3 weeks old and found several things, and this link is to one where she gives a very good answer not only about handfeeding, but also about weaning.

Now, once you read that you may still have questions, so either contact this lady or do more research on the internet. Your bird should also still be in a brooder situation at this point until it has its feathers in. Maybe you already have it set up, because baby birds without feathers have to have additional heat to be able to stay warm. A brooder can be as simple as a smaller fish tank with a heating pad taped to one end and around the sides a bit. Cover that end with a small towel and leave the other end uncovered and unheated. This way, baby can get more or less heat as they feel like it and have enough air circulation.

When beginning to wean, please start baby(s)off right by starting them on some of the organic pellets . You'll need to soak the pellets just to soften them some at first, and make sure you do small amounts because it has to be trashed after two hours or it will become rancid and poison babies. You'll also want to be introducing them to some fruit and veggies, and make sure these are also organic and well done either by steaming or baking if they are carrots, squash, sweet potato or any kind of beans. You'll still be handfeeding, just not as often. Basically once weaning starts, it takes birds a while to be able to eat enough to sustain them, so you'll need to feed in the early morning and then put in weaning food, and depending on how much they did or did not eat then you'd want to feed more last thing in the evening. If the baby appears to not be eating very much, and this will happen at first, go ahead and feed small amount at lunch time. Make sure that you are gradually taking the amount down for each handfeeding because unless a baby is hungry, it won't eat. If you are feeding it too much formula, it won't even bother to try the weaning food you put before it, so this is a very intimate part of the process, and only you can be the judge. Do not starve the baby, and he will help you with that. Your job is to watch and see how much he/they eat of the pellets, fruit or veggies.

If the adults are still eating seeds, read the Switching Birds to Pellets article. We recommend the organics because they do not contain pesticide/fertilizer residue,dyes, preservatives or other harmful chemicals.Feed only very small amounts of fruit and veggies as these will only be 10-15% of diet once they are eating enough pellets.Also, NO PEOPLE FOOD NOW OR EVER!

Good luck and God Bless! Linda

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