How often to feed our 4 week old sun conure

by Niki
(Uvongo, South Africa)

We have just been given a 4 week old baby conure. I would appreciate some advice on how often to syringe feed it, can we give it some water, and would a small soft toy in it's cage be a good idea?

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Nov 09, 2012
3 weeks old sun conure
by: mr mk


i ve a three week old sun conure...

could you please tell me how much to feed him and how often...?

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May 31, 2012
Baby sun conure
by: Anonymous

Your baby needs to be fed 4 times daily, with a maximum crop of about 12cc at this age. I would not do 12cc every feeding though, I would only give about 10cc for the afternoon feedings. As he grows he will be able to feed about 15-20cc.I would begin at about 7am, then at 12pm, 4pm, then 8 or 9pm. That is a rough schedule.

Sun conures will typically wean from 8-12 weeks old. Roughly each week you can reduce the amount of feedings per day.

At 5 weeks old I would do 3 feedings, then at 6-7 weeks 2 feedings, then at 8-9 weeks 1 feeding until your little guy is upright refusing feedings and feeding on its own.

It is important to wean onto a high quality pellet, not seed. A growing baby needs all the vitamins it can get, which is not provided in seed diets. When baby is weaning his beak strength is not powerful enough to crack pellets, so moisten them with warm water to make it semi-mushy but be sure to change food every few hours, as bacteria will begin to grow otherwise.

Daily fresh fruit and veggies should be offered daily to pick at. Offer water in a shallow dish to drink, but for now all babys water intake is provided in the hand feeding formula.

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