how old must jardine parrot be before it can talk

by Tracey van Dyk
(durban south africa)

What age do Jardine parrots start talking

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Apr 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

It will talk when and if it wants to. My parrot did not talk other than saying hi for about a year. So I just thought he would not talk. To my suprise one day he just started talking and boy could he talk, I realized that he had actually been learning all the time. At that time he already a a very large vocabulary (he is an African Grey) and it has just continued to grow. He still suprises me with some of the things I had forgotten that I taught him and just gave up because I didn't think he was catching on. Try teaching him songs my seems to learn words quicker when I sing them to him. Good luck and just love him whether he speaks or not.

Apr 18, 2012
When will parrot talk?
by: Tracie

It could start repeating things you say as soon as you bring your weaned bird home, or it could never repeat things at all. There are never any guarantees that a bird will decide to repeat human speech.

Spend a lot of time with your bird, developing a relationship of trust and respect. When the bird sees you as part of the flock, it will be encouraged to want to repeat what you say.

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