How quickly does a parrot pick his "human"?

by Sarah
(Nova Scotia)

Hello everyone.I researched quite a bit about companion parrots and which one would be a good family parrot. We decided on a Meyer's. We got him from a breeder 10 days ago and he already seems like he picked my husband to bond with. We (myself and two kids ages 13 and 10 1/2) all handle him equally.

He is quite nippy with everyone except my husband. We try not to react but when it's hard not to pull back but we are working on it. "Jojo" follows my husband with his eyes and has attempted to fly to him from across the room (he is clipped). Once that bond is made will my husband always be his favourite? I wanted a family bird and I wanted to be able to cuddle it since Meyer's apparently have that cuddly disposition. I didn't think he would pick his mate until sexual maturity. Suggestions would greatly be appreciated

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Sep 19, 2011
Parrot has picked his favorite person
by: Tracie

A bird can have a favorite from a very young age. Birds are so unpredictable, so things may change later. His favorite human today, may be different next week. But, whoever IS is favorite will be able to help the rest of you have more of a relationship with the bird.

Please read the biting green cheek conure story on our Parrot Training page for more information on how the person that has the parrot's favor can help that parrot accept other household members.

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