how smart are parrots

Compared to humans how smart are they?

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Apr 11, 2012
How smart are parrots?
by: Anonymous

Well, it really depends on the parrots breed.

You get an african grey, they can have the intelligence of a 3-5 yr old child. They can learns abcs, count, copy noises in the home, like water dripping.

Any bird is trainable like a dog. They can do tricks, and learn certain behaviors that you like, dont like, and how to get your attn, good or bad.

Certain breeds of birds have better talking abilities, and clarity.
Some birds talk and never shut up... where some are quiet. Just bc you get a parrot doesnt mean it will talk. Can it? Sure! but they choose not to.

I have a 9 months old Congo African Grey, she says clearly 13 words. And trying to say new words. Course, I have nothing but time to spend with her. How much time you spend with your bird will make a huge difference in thier learning.
I make her learning into a game. Everything is a game. I put words to everything I do when playing with her.

She also gives high 5's, turns circles, lets you cuddle and pet on command. She's now learning to hang upside down in my hands.

If you're considering to buy a bird, research each breed carefully. The smarter the breed, the more one on one time it will require. You will need to find what kind of bird will fit your time schedule, and finances.
And please, make sure if you invest in an exotic bird, that you have the money for an Avian vet. If you dont have the money for a vet, dont get one. Birds need yrly wellness exams.

Watch some bird videos on Youtube. It may help give you an idea of how smart they can be.
Type in "Parrots talking" and "Parrot tricks".
You'll be able to see first hand what people have gotten thier birds to learn.

Apr 11, 2012
Pretty Dang Smart...
by: John Fahlsing

Humans have too many things going on inside the ole brain pan at once, as for parrots they have minor thoughts in their world. In a manner of speaking and example, My Baby sits on the shower rod while I shower, and since we've been doing this for some time, when Daddys is done he tries to move the rings over, one at a time to open the curtain, and only after I'm done, so oddly enough, I let him, and this while it's getting a little chilly. Thats just one example, you should see the mouse wheel he's wanting to play with, after all, Daddy's using it and I want to too! I dig the birds, Dogs fetch, cat,s hear the can opener, but birds, they want to learn and keep learning.

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