how to choose an grey african parrot which is worth the money

by sammi koperly
(Amman, jordan)

hello, (im a new bird breeder) i recently bout an african grey parrot but today it chipped the end part of its beak because when i first bout him his beak was very thin in the end part! so tomorrow im changing him but i want to know how to choose the right african grey parrot, ive heard that african grey parrots with white eye unstead of an yellow eye is better. anything else i need to know before i change my parrot tomorrow? please get back to me as soon as possible

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Dec 19, 2011
Choosing a grey.
by: Anonymous

I suggest taking your new bird to a vet first for a well visit check up. If there is nothing wrong with your bird, I suggest keeping it. Also, most greys arent sexed when you buy them, you sure you have the right sex for breeding? Thats kinda key. Secondly, I can see exchanging your bird if the bird is ILL but only for that reason. If the aviary sold you a sick bird, then I can see exchanging it. You spend $1200 or so on an animal you have the right to a healthy bird. If your bird is NOT sick, then exchaning it for something silly like its beak breaking a bit, isnt fair to the bird. The consistance change in a birds life causes it more stress then he needs.

Take it to the vet. Make sure the bird is getting enf calcium. Which is a possible reason it's beak could of chipped. Get cuttlebone. Take it to the vet. Dont exchange it.

Dec 18, 2011
how to choose an grey african parrot which is worth the money
by: Linda

The one you had was perfectly fine. The reason the beak chipped was because it was too long and needed to be trimmed by an Avian Vet.

As for you getting anymore birds, I strongly suggest you think about what you are doing before you try and jump into breeding. Breeding is very expensive if you feed your birds correctly with organic pellets and take them to an Avian Vet when they need to go. If you don't intend to do these things, this is called cruelty, and we do not give much advice to this kind of person except to leave the birds alone.

You sound like you are talking about a new piece of furniture instead of a living, thinking very emotional creature which is what parrots are.

You have much to learn, and your comments about the eyes is not even close to the facts. You need to do lots of study, learn what birds need to be happy and healthy, how to handfeed baby birds using handfeeding formula and a syringe and understand costs of taking them to an Avian Vet when they are sick or injured. Birds are not things like a new radio or tv set--they are living creatures who have needs and can bring much joy to the right people. Their lives are hell on earth with the wrong people.

I hope you decide to have a parrot for a pet and companion because there is NO money in breeding sick, unhealthy, unloved birds which you do not intend to feed properly or get the proper Avian Vet services for when needed. You may need to look at yourself very carefully and understand who you are and what you are doing before getting any bird even for a pet. They require lots of time and money if kept correctly, and if you don't want to hear any of these things, then you came to the wrong place.


Dec 18, 2011
African Grey
by: Anonymous

I have to ask.. What is it that you mean by "changing" your parrot that you just got..? As in bring him back to where you got him in exchange for another one whos beak will not chip? I dont quite understand. If you are thinking about breeding but already will not bring the bird you have to the vet to get a complete exam and beak checked out.. How should you be able to produce healthy babies? I would not even attempt it. Color of eyes have nothing to do with how "good" the parrot is so i do not know where you heard that from. The only way to know if you have a healthy parrot is to bring them to an avian vet to ensure they are healthy enough for breeding. But in my opinion, do not begin to breed these creatures if you can not handle something as minor as a beak chip because along the way you may have greater issues, so spare some baby's lives! I do not mean to be harsh but this blog is to allow people to give their opinions and personal advice, and that is mine. From the sounds of your story it just sounds like trouble. But goodluck otherwise in your decision making

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