How to clean wood toys

by Rebeca Valera
(Miami, FL)

How do I clean wood toys that might of gotten bug spray? I sprayed a bug in a back room that I had the toy in about a year ago and I wanted to clean it so my bird can use it. Would the wood absorbed the bug spray? If I clean it with vinegar will it take it away?

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Jul 10, 2012
You can not remove toxins from wood toys
by: The Avian Vet

It is impossible to safely clean wood of any toxins or bacteria. It is absorbed in to the wood and will potentially be toxic. Vinegar is actually nearly useless for cleaning most anything. It is a safe product, and does windows well, but for disinfecting it is not effective, and it has no properties that make it a toxin deactivator.

Dr B

Jul 09, 2012
Cleaning wood toys
by: Anonymous

Since you're not absolutely sure the toy was exposed to the bug spray or not, I wouldn't take any chances of trying to clean it and give it to the bird. Most toys are inexpensive so I would just throw it away and get a new one. I replace my birds' wood toys about every six months. I find they get ratty looking after a while from being chewed and pooped on. Besides, what birdie wouldn't get excited by a new toy?

Jul 09, 2012
How to clean wood toys
by: Linda

Throw the wooden pieces in the trash. You cannot ever use any wooden bird toy parts, perches or other wooden pieces for birds after they have insecticide on them. Let me caution you here that this spray is highly toxic for your bird. I would stop using anything like this in the house because you are going to end up with dead birds. Use a flyswatter to kill bugs in house.

If you ever have people over to kill bugs in house, make sure bird is out of house and that all surfaces are cleaned before bird is allowed back into house. The only thing you can safely use in the house are the roach motels, and they have to be locked away under cabinets to keep birds, dogs, cats and children away from them. Anything with fumes kills birds just like it kills the bugs.


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