How to feed baby African Grey birds

by xatdude

How can I get my baby African greys out of nest? and How much do I feed them of the exact hand feeding formula by kaytee? I already got the syringe

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Apr 21, 2011
How to feed baby African Grey birds
by: Linda

Well, this is a question you would not have to ask if you'd done your study BEFORE babies were born. If the mother is still feeding them, leave them in the nest and allow her to finish them which usually takes 3 months at least with the larger birds. Allow her to feed as long as she will which will get them big enough to start the weaning process which takes time.

The reason I'm saying this is because handfeeding is a learned skill, and one cannot jump in there without having learned all the basics like food temperature and thickness for different ages, how to actually feed using the syringe where you don't aspirate babies and how often to feed. This is a learned skill and is learned from a breeder who can show you and then watch you do it and offer suggestions and corrections if you're doing it wrong.

So, if mother is feeding babies, leave them alone. Start doing your study on weaning the babies and make sure they are weaned onto a high quality organic pellet like Harrisons. The parents should also be eating this high quality food or they have produced sickly babies. All babies have to weighed every day and if one does not gain weight then it means all the babies have a bacterial infection that needs to be diagnosed and treated by Avian Vet. Do not give your birds any over the counter meds, especially those found in pet stores because you cannot treat something you don't know what it is. For the babies, avian vet has to be especially careful not to overdose them when medicating because of their small size and lack of immune system.

Here is a link on how to go about changing from seeds to organic pellets written by an Avian Vet, and you'll need to use this plan with your adults. The babies will be much easier to wean onto the pellets as you provide them with food after mother weans them.

Switching Birds to Pellets article


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