how to find the sex of my bird

by sarah

hi how do i find out wot sex my bird is its an amazon ring neck i got him of a person who couldnt have him any longer and he didnt no wot sex it was could you help me please thank you sarah

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Aug 08, 2008
Sex of a bird
by: Kralice4u

Sometimes in certain birds (Cockatiels, Zebra Fenches) it is fairly easy to tell what sex the bird is but not always.
One can take their bird to a vet that works with birds and find out through a DNA test what sex the bird is. There is also a less expensive lab that will send you cards and ask for you to gather a sample of the bird's blood (From a blood feather preferably) and put it on a card and mail it back and they will tell you the sex of the bird.It costs only $20.00 per bird.
The name and address of this company is:
AMR Laboratories
PO Box 656
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Phone # 877-424-1212
Just notify them that you are interested in the DNA Sexing test order form and they will mail it right out to you.

Aug 08, 2008
bird sexing
by: Anonymous

dna feather sexing is better on the bird,cheaper and just as accurate as surgical sexing but birds die sometimes when you put them under.

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