how to get attention of my bird

by deepansh
(new delhi)

i have an alexandrine parrot who is about 1.5 months old....whenever i came close to him he just doesn't pays attention or if i bring my hand near him or forcefully keep him on my hand he will step down or sometimes even to change his this kind of behaviour and make him a friendly parrot?? pls help..

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Jul 04, 2011
alexandrine parrot personality profile
by: LInda

My Alexandrine parrot named DJ is approx 2 years old, male and has his black and red neck ring. Initially he was very wary of fingers and tried to bite them every time they came near him, however if we offered our fist or back of the hand or forearm he would eventually step up.

Patience and persistence has been the key to developing a strong bond with DJ.

We have him in an open, tall cage in the middle of the house and family life goes on around him. It took about 6 months for him to say Hello DJ, after saying it to him regularly throughout the day, and then he seems to have picked up other phrases we say to him over the last 18 months.
Dj good boy, C'mon Kiss, sometimes he'll put them all together and say: hello Dj, Dj's a good boy, C'mon Kiss, and recently it sounds like he's saying "what are you doing".

Just this week he voluntarily stepped off the cage and onto my shoulder on request (major breakthrough) and has become very affectionate. He's allowing me to pat his head and to rub his chest without a hint of biting. He beckons me to come and "kiss" and when siting down of an evening will sit on my chest under my neck and rub his beak against my cheek.

This evening he was really being entertaining whilst siting on my legs and was ducking and darting back and forth up and down, wasn't quite sure what he was doing, but it looked really funny, he would also lean toward my hand and rub his beak.

Each time I tell him he is a pretty bird, repetitively, he starts doing his "Stevie wonder head moves" from left to right as if he knows what I'm telling him. Very cute. I'm actually wanting him to say the words but somehow he's got the moves instead.

We keep him inside in winter and just outside the back door in summer- so we can still talk to him during the day, his cage is closed in this position of course.

He is very noisy, early, so its important to remember to close the cage and cover it when we go to bed, if we want to sleep in in the morning - doesn't always work!

I recommend a "parrot for book" to teach you how to get them to step up and to learn basic signs like eye pinning to warn you when to back off and body moves just before they poop! Always good to know.

Initially, I clipped his wings, but of late I've left them so he can have a good fly around making sure I have soft coverings over the windows so he doesn't crash and break his neck. But even when i have clipped him, he holds his cage with his claws and has a great flap, creating quite a wind.

DJ has become a well loved member of the family and is a great companion bird. I look forward to the years ahead and what new words he will learn to say and the funny moves he makes. He loves music and the noise of the vacuum cleaner.

I've got some recordings of him talking and will shortly post them on youtube.

May 01, 2011
by: deepansh

thanks tracie

Apr 28, 2011
Getting bird's attention and training
by: Tracie

You need to be patient, and just spend time with your bird so you can get to know each other. The bird needs to learn to trust you, and you need to learn your bird's body language so you can respond properly when he gives you warning about what he does and doesn't like.

You have to give positive incentives to teach your bird new behaviors that do not come natural to him. Please read the training material on our Parrot Training page for more information.

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