how to get my african gray parrot to stop screaming

i would like to no how you get a african gray parrot to stop screaming

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Apr 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have two Greys, and I have never heard either one of them scream.....ever! something must be terribly wrong somewhere. Either your bird is ill or upset. I would take it to the bet immediately.

May 14, 2009
screaming african grey
by: Anonymous

what a joy the AG can be. i own 2 myself. Luckily for me mine don't scream. first, you need to know why your grey is screaming.You have to rule out any possible illness by taking it to an avian vet 4 checkup. Assuming everything is fine with it's health, there could be several reasons for the screaming.Is your AG on a nutritious diet with pellets and fresh fruits and veggies? if it's on a straight seed diet it will be lacking in vitamins and nutrients in which case you need to immediately change it's diet. another reason it's screaming could be for lack of attention and playtime. An average AG has the intelligence of a 5 yr old and needs constant stimulation with different toys and games. trying to teach your Ag to do tricks like "step up" (to stand on your finger)keeps there mind very active and allows you to bond with your bird by spending quality time with them.You must also allow playtime outside of the cage. At least two hours per day (supervised of course). Never leave a bird loose when u are not home, too many dangers and African Grey's are very curious by nature. they might get themselves in trouble.
You might also hide food in there cage and make them forage for it. Birds in the wild spend half the day foraging for food and the other half sleeping so hide a grape in a box or dangle wholewheat pasta from the cage bars.use your imagination.You should try the get-a-grip in the toy link.Mine love it. It gives them great excercise, both mind and body. Have fun in front of them. You might feel silly singing and dancing in front of them but eventually they will do it is also important to talk to them in a soothing voice. DO NOT scream or yell or bang the cage to stop your bird from screaming.It is very harmful to your bird's health as well as the relationship between you two. Most importantly, please be patient, very patient and don't give up. Eventually, they do come around. Once you have figured out the reason for the screaming and all else fails, give them a time out. By that I mean calmly ask the grey to stop screaming and if they don't that you will give them a time out. If they don't stop, put them in the cage, do not talk to them or look at themdirectly and gently place them in their cage and close door. step out of the room and leave them in for a minute or two. When they are quiet go back in and reward them by taking them out and tell them they are a good bird and give there favorite treat. In time your parrot will realize that screaming is not the answer to getting your attention. You also must come up with a routine and follow it. Uncover the cage same time evry morning, put to bed same time, playtime with you same time, etc......
There are great books on the AG. Pick one up or research online.

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