How to get my jenday conure out of her cage.

by Elizabeth
(Portland, OR)

We got a jenday conure about two weeks ago. And we went away for the night. And when we came home she is biting us if we try to get her out of her cage. If we get her off her cage shes fine and will step up and let us hold her. How do we get her out of her cage with out getting bit.

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Apr 08, 2011
I bought a Jenday today and it started bitting right away
by: Anonymous

I bought this bird (Jenday Conure)today and when i got it home it turned aggressive and started biting and lounging at the cage to bite whoever was close to it. Is this a normal behaviour for the first day or is this bird not tame? It is two years old. Could it be that it was stuck in a cage or is it that something else is going on?

Please share your advice.

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Mar 01, 2010
Cage territory
by: Anonymous

Conures are very cage territorial. it's a natural instinct so rather than 'making' the bird come out you can allow the bird to come to you.

Open up the cage, talk to your bird, greet her, show her a treat & let her walk to the edge of the cage so you can have her step up onto you. If you keep doing this eventually she'll settle & start to allow you to put your hands in her cage.

If she doesn't want to come out at all then why should she have to? My birds have their moments of preferring to stay in their cages so I let them.

You also need to earn her trust. Offer treats & treat her well so she will trust you & your hands.

Last of all, hands can be invasive to birds. The cage is & should be 'her personal space' so treat is as such when she's in the cage. If you need her out to clean it or give her fresh food & water then coax her out to the edge, let her sit on your shoulder & show her what your doing, talk to her. They react VERY well to positive talking & like to see what you're doing in your home & in their home.

Feb 28, 2010
An Idea
by: Anonymous

I have a parrotlet who does the same thing. Obviously, smaller bird, but it might work for you too. I have a spare perch that I put in so he can step on it and I pull him out of the cage. There is something about my hand that he really doesn't like coming after him. Sometimes he flutters a bit, but usually will just step right onto it now, with a little practice. He was never a biter, all of a sudden he started going after my hand, which really hurt. This was our solution. Hopefully it will work for you too. Goodluck!

Feb 28, 2010
How to get my jenday conure out of her cage.
by: Linda

Your bird is upset that you went away and left it alone for the night. Also, bird may not be as tame as you thought at first. There are some training materials on this site, and you may wish to take a look at them. You may also wish to find a book or two about the Conures so you can better understand their behavior.

Parrots are wild animals in that they are not domesticated and probably never will be, so ALL OF THEM WILL BITE FROM TIME TO TIME, SOMETIMES FOR NO REASON AT ALL EXCEPT THEY LIKE TO HEAR YOU SAY OUCH REALLY LOUDLY. ALWAYS, gently move into the bite which means to gently move your hand toward the bird instead of jerking back. When you jerk back, the bird holds on harder because it is afraid of falling. When you gently move into the bite, the bird will let go of your finger or hand. YOU MUST LEARN TO CONTROL THE JERK REFLEX IF YOU ARE TO MASTER BIRD TRAINING. When birds are afraid of falling or otherwise getting hurt, they will get to where they just won't step up because they are afraid of what you will do. Sometimes birds just hold on gently to a finger as they board our hands, and if this is seen, by you, as an attack, you are losing ground in gaining your bird's trust. Bird's trust is earned and never freely given, so keep that one in mind at all times.

When you go into a bird's cage to get them out, a wilder bird can perceive this as an attack on its home and only safe place, so you will need to continue getting bird out. I suggest you use a perch to get bird out of cage for a while. When you put the perch close to the lower belly above the legs, say "UP", and then once bird is out of cage, you can pick up with your hands. There are no guarantees about biting, and all birds will bite when they feel like biting.

You need to make use of some training materials ( Parrot Training page )and start reading and studying about parrots' behavior in general and yours in particular. Learning about birds is a life-long occupation, so begin now so you are able to provide the right kind of housing, perches, toys and food your bird has to have to thrive.

Thanks for writing,

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