How to know if my cockatiel is pregnant?

by Samantha
(Turnersville,New Jersey,United States)



My birds were mating the other day, i thought they were too old to mate. We dont know how old they are, but I noticed my female cockatiel has gotten a bigger belly, and has been on the bottom of the cage alot with the male. I bought them a nesting box. But the female wont go in it. Only the male will.

Does this picture look like shes pregnant?

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Jul 12, 2011
Birds don't get pregnant
by: Tracie

Birds don't "get pregnant" like humans do. This is how Dr. B put is a few months ago when someone asked about their bird:

"Birds do not get pregnant like mammals. They produce an egg which takes about 25 hours. The egg is laid and she is no longer "pregnant." This occurs about 4-6 times per laying cycle over a 7-10 day period. When she is (with egg) she is gavid."

Please take the nest box out of the cage, your bird does not need to be encouraged to lay eggs if you are not a breeder and your bird has not been examined by an avian vet and given a clean bill of health for breeding.

If your bird is not eating a diet with 80% quality pellets, like Harrison's, then your bird could become egg bound if she does become gavid.

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