How to make my parakeet to come out of the cage

by KD

I have 2 Budgies with me; a male and other one is female. It’s been 3 weeks with us. They are doing just fine inside the cage. They make noises, eat properly. They are not afraid when we feed them.

Since last week we are trying to have them out of the cage. We don’t impose anything on them. We just let open the cage and play some music (mostly nursery rhymes). Some time I have pre recorded Budgie voices played in front of them. They really get excited after listening to them.

I just wanted to know that am I on the right track or do I need to improvise on this. Is it fine to play parakeet voices or does it confuses them (do they search for who's making noises)?

Thanks in advance
Kuldeep Mathur

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Mar 24, 2010
How to make my parakeet to come out of the cage
by: Linda

Sounds like you love your little birds very much, and it is always good to hear from people like you all.

If your birds are not tame, then you will need to take a look at some of the training materials on Parrot Training page and other places on the internet. Taming would be the first thing you'd need to learn how to do. So, take your time, learn all you need to learn about taming and training birds and then start to work with your birds for very short periods of time like no more than 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day. By having the two together, you are going to have some trouble bonding with them. When birds are put into pairs, they are not so dependent upon us to bond with as they have each other.

You may consider getting another cage and setting it up next to the other one to help with this. That way, you can work with one bird at a time. This may also help them to want to come out of cage for playtime so they can play together.If you have not already done so, a checkup by an Avian Vet would be a great idea BEFORE any kind of training as sick birds do not learn and do not want to play. Bacterial infections are common with newly acquired birds, so make an appointment and make sure your two are healthy.

Again, we are happy to hear from people who love their birds and are taking such good care of them. Oh yes, you do not need to play other bird sounds for them as it confuses them. My Amazons like a variety of music including some heavy metal rock and roll stuff! The classics are also good for them as they hear much better than we and catch more of the subtle flavor of the music.Try different types of music and see what they seem to like best. My birds also like church music and attempt to sing backup when I sing hyms for them.


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