how to put the bird back in the cage

by martina

my cockatiel is not afraid of me, likes me, plays with me, everything. but when is time to go back to the cage it's just impossible. he never wants to go back so i end up chasing him around the apartment. i don't want to scare him like that but even if he is all day out he just never ever wants to go in. what should i do?
he doesnt go in not even for food or water :( his cage is big, with toys, with everything he needs

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Dec 02, 2013
Now the parrot is fine
by: Martina

The bird was just young. We made friends now, i did not cut any wings or anything but just started doing it slowly, with some food toys and wistles :) now i can just show my finger he comes on it and i put it inside :)
Thank you everyone for trying to help, chocobo the cockatiel says hi too :)

Nov 29, 2013
putting your bird in the cage
by: Don Houston Texas

To begin with, I agree with the fear thing. Have you put something new in the cage? If you have, take it out and play with it with your bird. They like that. NEXT, YOUR BIRD LOVES YOU AND SOMETIMES JUST DOES NOT FEEL LIKE BEING SEPARATED FROM YOU! Just like humans! Well, most of us! Seriously, my birds all do this, or have done it. I just stay up later until they are sleepy, or I do as suggested in previous comments, turn your bird facing you and gently hold while placing in the cage and on the perch. Make sure to talk softly and let your bird know its "ok." They seem to know that a soft voice from you makes it all "ok." Sometimes one or both of my macaws will come in my room in the middle of the night, climb up on the bed, and shamelessly take roost on my head and shoulder! They will preen for a while, then one leg up and off to lala land! If I move, they readjust, go back to sleep until I move again! Then, after an hour or so, I will take them back to their cages and they will stay, ready to sleep without me. Your bird loves you, its ok. Give him kisses (remember dry), soft talk, it will work. I am 68 years old and have had birds and other pets of all kinds all my life, but mostly hooked beaks. They are all, by nature, almost the same. Hope this helps you and others. Oh, my conures always like to play "hide and seek" before bedtime. They would fly around looking for me, find me, play a bit, then would be ready for "night night." Most all of my larger parrots tell ME that its time to go goodnight when they are ready! Best to you and your bird!

Aug 01, 2013
I can probably help you
by: Jena

For my bird.. well somtimes when I put my hand in the cage, he climbs up my arm to go back on my shoulder! I suggest to put your hand in, crack the cage door on your arm and I learned that bird,'s chests have to be at the pearch then they will step- up. Hope I helped! Good luck.

Apr 16, 2013
How to put bird back in cage
by: Anonymous

Your bird should be caged during the night and when you're not home for his own safety. You mentioned that there are a lot of toys and such in the cage, perhaps he is afraid of something in there? Birds see things differently than we do so what might not look scary to us is scary to them. Try removing some of the toys and see if that makes a difference.

Don't try and force the bird into the cage because that will make matters worse, hence the reason you are chasing him all over the house.

When he is out of the cage and it's time to go in, have him step up on your finger and put your other hand gently over his back all the while talking sweetly to him. When you place him into the cage, go under the perch and bring him up behind it so he will be facing the perch and will be able to step forward to get on it. After you do this a few times, it will get easier. When the bird cooperates and gets in the cage, reward him with a treat.

Like I said in the beginning, it seems like there is something in the cage or around the cage that he is afraid of. My bird was suddenly fearful of me one night and she flew all over the house, crashing into cabinets and walls. I was afraid she would get hurt or killed. I knew something was scaring her although nothing in the house or cage was different. I finally realized it was the print on the shirt that I was wearing that made her so scared. Needless to say, I do not wear that shirt any more!

Apr 13, 2013
how to put the bird back in the cage
by: Linda

As for wing clipping, have avian vet staff clip ONLY the first 4-6 PRIMARY Flight Feathers, and these are the long ones at the end of each wing. Do not allow anyone to cut up any higher as this causes bird chronic pain, and he will fall like a rock instead of gently gliding down to the floor and can possibly break bones.

Do not take your bird to some person in a pet shop because lots of times, they are not even trained in how to trim feathers and toe nails correctly which can be extremely bad for your bird. Hopefully, you can find an Avian Vet to do this. Unless you have much experience with this, do not do it yourself either because if done incorrectly, bird can bleed out and die from incorrect wing and nail clipping.


Apr 13, 2013
Getting bird back in cage
by: Tracie

First take the bird to an avian vet or a reputable breeder for a wing trim, so the bird can't fly away. This is best anyway unless you have a bird safe house, and that is unlikely. If the bird lands on the floor and chews something brought in on your shoes that is toxic, you will wish you had done this. There are many toxic substances in homes and places birds can get stuck and injured.

When the bird is on you, you put your other hand gently (they have hollow bones that break easily) around the bird and carry the bird back to the cage.

We have health and training articles on our Parrot Training page that may be helpful. Just click the link.

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